Fischer Explains God’s Inaction

Fischer Explains God’s Inaction December 16, 2012

Bryan Fischer explains why God didn’t intervene to save the kids in the tragic shooting in Connecticut. Answer: He’s a gentleman and he doesn’t go where he’s not wanted. And since we “threw God out of schools,” he isn’t wanted there so he isn’t going there. Um. When did God ever show up anywhere to prevent a tragedy? Never, of course.

And I’m so tired of this “God isn’t allowed in schools” nonsense. Kids pray in school every day and no one stops them. They pray individually and in groups. They gather around the flagpole and pray. There are literally thousands of Christian student groups at public schools all over the nation. They meet for Bible study and prayer sessions before and after school in classrooms and elsewhere on public school campuses. The only thing that can’t be done is the government cannot force a student to pray or read the Bible or be forced to listen to someone else pray.


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