Couple Hundred Moms End JC Penney Protest

Couple Hundred Moms End JC Penney Protest December 17, 2012

Only a week after announcing yet another boycott of JC Penney over their choice of Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson, One Million A Couple Hundred Moms now says they’re “moving on” from that protest. In fact, they say they never intended to say they were launching another boycott in the first place:

Describing DeGeneres as a “strong gay activist” due to her support of same-sex marriage, One Million Moms (OMM) Director Monica Cole told The Christian Post Thursday that the organization issued an alert due to requests for information from its members. The group originally highlighted JC Penney in February when the business revealed DeGeneres as its spokesperson.

“We’re not taking action, we’re moving on. We’ve already contacted the company,” Cole explained, who noted that OMM does not have any objections to the content of the new JC Penney ad, but that it was simply DeGeneres’ appearance that was at issue.

That’s funny. They were getting “requests for information” from its members. Like what, exactly?

“Hey, is that Ellen DeGeneres in that new JC Penney ad? I can’t tell.”

“I just saw that new commercial with Ellen DeGeneres in it. Is she still a God-hating lesbian or has she been saved?”

Help, I don’t know what to do. Should I shop at K-Mart instead? What if I find out the cashier there is gay, is it still okay to shop there or will I get cooties?”

So now they’re “moving on.” Next they’re going to launch a boycott of Disney World because they heard Mickey Mouse was having an illicit affair with Donald Duck.

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