Dobson Show: God Should Destroy America

Dobson Show: God Should Destroy America December 17, 2012

Right Wing Watch reports that James Dobson aired a sermon on his regular radio show, Family Talk, by Pastor Laurence White of the Texas Restoration Project, who claims that the Holocaust was caused by separation of church and state and that God should destroy America if we don’t end abortion:

Once again the nation is being led down the path to destruction and once again by and large God’s people are looking the other way. I don’t have to tell anyone in this room tonight how far that path to destruction we’ve already traveled. You see the evidence in families that are fractured and marriages that are broken; in young people that lose their way and often their lives in a maze of alcohol and drugs; in a culture that can no longer distinguish between lust and love; that is willing to tolerate the vilest perversion as an “alternative, acceptable lifestyle” while pestilence stalks the land; in public schools that have become facilitators for fornication and procurers for the abortionist knife; in a nation that has lost the moral will to distinguish between that which is right and that which is wrong: we know all too well how far down that road to destruction we have already gone…

We can win the next election or the next ten elections, we can balance the budget, we can reduce the deficit, we can bring down taxes and build the mightiest military machine on the face of the earth, but if we do not stop abortion then God will destroy and God should destroy America.

But remember, if a non-wingnut suggests that American has ever done anything wrong, they’re America-haters and probably communists too.

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