How Can You Help?

How Can You Help? December 23, 2012

I’ve had many people ask how they can help in my recovery from open heart surgery. First, you’ve already helped just by caring about me and being part of this community. So thanks for that. About 20 years ago, my stepdad had a quadruple bypass and my mother sat in the waiting room with the wife of another patient having the same surgery. The other couple had no insurance, while my parents had excellent insurance. With nearly a million dollars in costs associated with the heart problem, they paid less than $10,000 out of pocket. She wondered what on earth the other couple would do to pay such a huge bill.

The good news is that I have health insurance, which I pay on a COBRA from my job with AINN (it runs out in six months and I’ll have to get my own insurance, which thankfully can’t be denied anymore because of the preexisting condition). But I’m still going to have some significant out-of-pocket expenses and loss of income during the recovery period (it’s going to be a couple months before I’m really back to normal). So you can certainly help out financially if you have the means to do so and it would be greatly appreciated. You can donate through Paypal (if neither of these work below, just go to and the email address is

Or if you’d like to subscribe to my blog and help out that way (I know, you get it for free anyway, right?), you can do that here:

Option 1 : $5.00 USD – monthly

Option 2 : $10.00 USD – monthly

Option 3 : $25.00 USD – monthly

Any help would certainly be appreciated, but it’s hardly necessary. More than anything, I thank my readers for sticking with me for more than nine years now and helping build this amazing community around the blog.

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