Judge Moore: Evolution Destroying the Constitution

Judge Moore: Evolution Destroying the Constitution December 26, 2012

Newly reelected Judge Roy Moore is back in his old seat as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, where he can declare that lesbian women should be put to death to his heart’s delight. He went on a wingnut radio show recently and declared that evolution is to blame for the alleged destruction of the Constitution:

Barbara Moore: Judge Moore I want to ask you, as you read the United States Constitution you can see that biblical concepts and precepts are within that Constitution, everything from separation of powers because of the sinful nature of man, and I would think that any Bible believing Christian would feel that when they look at our United States Constitution, wouldn’t you say?

Roy Moore: I think they don’t and I think there’s a reason they don’t and I think the reason like you see it maybe because you’ve studied a little bit but I think it’s not evident to those who have lost the knowledge of God. What I mean to say by that is you know we started by teaching history at the beginning of the program and it’s like going to football games and seeing who wins and who loses and going to football games and forgetting the rules. If you know the rules it makes the game more interesting because you know there is some way they get to the end of the game and win or lose and you got to go by the rules. We’re not going by the rules because we don’t think the rules matter anymore.

Evolution has so distorted our way of thinking. It’s not just about where we came from. Of course, we know we were created but they say we evolved from whatever, something out of the ocean, you’ve got to understand that evolution affects your mental processes. When you think you have evolved then you think you’re better than those who have gone before you. If you’re better than those who have gone before you then you won’t make the same mistakes, you won’t think the same way, you know better, you’re smarter. The point is, human nature doesn’t change and human nature is what the Constitution sought to restrain.

Sometimes I think of right wing rhetoric as a big game of Mad Libs, with buzzwords and catchphrases just randomly thrown together. You take a list of bad things (evolution, gun control, abortion, the gays) from category one and then claim that they lead to the bad things from category two (downfall of western civilization, UN takeover of American sovereignty, destruction of Christianity, etc). It’s all quite simple and the rubes will cry and cheer and think you’ve said something profound. This is, of course, the secret to Sarah Palin’s entire communications strategy.

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