Swaziland Cures Rape by Banning Mini-Skirts

Swaziland Cures Rape by Banning Mini-Skirts December 28, 2012

The nation of Swaziland will be protecting women against rape by arresting them for wearing mini-skirts or baring their midriffs, because that’s far more effective than, you know, arresting the fucking rapist, who was obviously just too overcome by lust to help themselves.

Women in Swaziland risk arrest if they wear miniskirts or tops which expose part of their stomach as they will be violating moral standards, a police spokesperson has said.

“The act of a rapist is made easy, because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women,” Wendy Hleta was quoted as saying…

Hleta said women wearing revealing clothing were responsible for assaults or rapes committed against them.

“I have read from the social networks that men and even other women have a tendency of ‘undressing people with their eyes’. That becomes easier when the clothes are hugging or are more revealing,” Hleta said.

But don’t worry, that won’t interrupt that nation’s other patriarchal laws from operating just fine:

However, the ban does not apply to traditional costumes worn by young women during ceremonies like the annual Reed Dance, where the ruling King Mswati III chooses a wife.

The monarch already has 13 wives.

During the ceremony, beaded traditional skirts worn by young bare-breasted virgins cover only the front, leave the back exposed. Underwear is not allowed.

So let’s see…it’s illegal to wear revealing clothing because that leads to rape and the women must be punished for making it so easy for them to be raped. Except when it comes time for the king to choose which woman he wants to have sex with. Because that’s tradition. Wow.

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  • I saw this in another blog, and my response will carry over here:

    Women in burkas get raped.

  • Wes

    The law was enforced after a march by women and young girls last month calling for protection against a spate of rapes in the impoverished kingdom, almost entirely surrounded by South Africa.

    Something tells me that this was not the kind of “protection” the women were asking for. But, as with Ed’s earlier video games/violence thread, why put out the effort to come up with an actual solution, when you can instead just punish innocent people for doing something harmless? That way, you get to claim you did something, but while not taking the risk involved with addressing the patriarchal power structure that makes all these rapes possible.

  • anubisprime

    Offenders face a six-month jail term under the ban, which invokes a colonial criminal act dating back to 1889</blockquote

    Now let me guess who would agitate the Colonial authorities is introduce such an act in 1889?

    Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society anyone?

    Not 100% sure it was them of course…but not 100% sure it wasn't either!

    They were there at that time in some numbers apparently!

  • I suspect that a “mini skirt” is defined as anything that shows ankle. And when this fails to stem the tide of rapes, the law will demand that a woman keep her arms covered. Then her head. Then her face.

    And the rapes still still continue.

  • Sadly, this would still be considered a liberal dress code in some parts of the world.

    And in countries where women in burkas do get raped, the women are likely to be charged with adultery if they report it.

  • @DCwilson:

    Charged with adultery and then stoned to death.

  • Swaziland is one of the last absolute monarchies. 40% of its population is HIV positive. Its ruler is a wealthy tyrant who hoards aid money from the UK and other countries and sends his many young wives on shopping excursions while the people go hungry, uneducated, and unemployed.


    If you were looking for a story to brighten your day, don’t follow that link. It’s like someone playing Civilization badly on purpose.

  • jamesramsey

    I have a modest proposal.

    Why not create the equivalent of a “stand you ground” law for women?

    That way any woman who feels she is in danger of being raped can legally use lethal force.

    Of course, many women feel that way from the moment the wake up. I’m sure that there will be some misunderstandings until men work out a way to keep their distance and women recognize this. The threat of violent death can be a great motivator.

  • Jamesramsey@8:

    Because that would imply that women are human beings whose right to bodily autonomy outweighs a man’s right to have no responsibility whatsoever over where he sticks his wang.

  • Why not create the equivalent of a “stand you ground” law for women?

    That way any woman who feels she is in danger of being raped can legally use lethal force.

    Do you think the main problem now is that women are afraid to do that?

  • DaveL

    How much do you want to bet a lot of police officers will be offering to “let you off with a warning” in exchange for a little quid-pro-quo? It’s the same old disgusting story every time.

  • conway

    Wait, women in Africa don’t all walk around nekkid? You mean National Geographic lied?

  • comfychair

    I always wondered what a law based on the “NOW LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!” principle would look like…

  • jamesramsey

    @9 and @10

    Maybe I should have put modest proposal in quotes — “modest proposal”.

    I get it. The most fundamental problem with this law is that is based on the

    presumption that “adult males” (my wife claims that’s an oxymoron)

    have no self control.

    As long as you assume that half of the adult population has no self control

    and you give that same half the reins of power, nothing good is going to


  • =8)-DX

    Um, aren’t the police officers who are going to be arresting the “mini-skirts” and tops usually adult males (supposedly with no self-control)? So to ensure less rapes, you allow *armed men* to willfully accost and legally detain under force, anyone they find attractively dressed or “too slutty”?

    I mean if you really believed this shit, then providing free pepper sprays to women and instituting policewoman anti-rape patrols in high-risk areas (or perhaps investing in CCTV cameras or better lighting), or something, would be the way to go.

    I’m seriously worried that part of their rape problem is going to be with how the police deal with things.

  • If everything they say is true, then the real solution is to lock up all the men and only let them out when accompanied by an armed, responsible adult–which is to say, a woman.

  • criticaldragon1177

    Ed Brayton

    More Blaming the victim. People are so stupid.

  • hypatiasdaughter

    #14 jamesramsey

    As long as you assume that half of the adult population has no self control and you give that same half the reins of power, nothing good is going to happen.

    Thumbs Up!

    #16 SallyStrange: Elite Femi-Fascist Genius – Do you know the story of Golda Meir?

    When she was Prime Minister of Israel, Meir’s (all male) cabinet proposed placing a 9 p.m. curfew on women to end a series of rapes. She refused, saying…”But it is the men who are attacking the women. If there is to be a curfew, let the men stay at home.” The cabinet decided against the curfew.

  • Chris from Europe

    If South Africa’s leaders weren’t that bad themselves, I would propose doing away with Swaziland and letting South Africa swallow it.