The Real Reason for Newtown Shootings

The Real Reason for Newtown Shootings December 28, 2012

Is this the real reason behind Sandy Hook,” asks the Worldnutdaily. Oh boy, what’s it gonna be this time? A UN plot to take our guns away? A secret Illuminati conspiracy? Nope, much simpler than all that. But it begins with this rather silly statement:

Amid national soul searching in the wake of one of the worst mass shootings in American history, faith leaders say the removal of God from the nation’s schools and communities is at the root of this monstrous tragedy.

And by “faith leaders,” they of course mean “morons.”

Marshall Foster, a Christian historian, founder of the World History Institute and author of the introduction to the newly-republished 1599 Geneva Bible, says he’s sick of the media’s attempt to make excuses for Adam Lanza’s mass murder of school children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

In the face of all the “politically correct mumbo jumbo,” Foster says the culprit is “not an imbalance of chemical enzymes in Lanza’s brain; the culprit is Lanza’s sin nature.”

Ah yes, his “sin nature.” But according to Christian theology, we’re all born with that “sin nature” as a result of Eve’s fruity flirtation with the serpent. And yet almost none of us goes on kiling sprees at schools. You think maybe this is just a bit oversimplified?

“So when we look at the tragedy that just took place and we start blaming … we immediately go to guns and other purported causes,” Foster told WND. “We go to some external cause: It’s his psychology, it’s his mother, it’s the divorce. It’s something outside, instead of looking at the real cause, which for thousands of years since the time of Christ, people have understood to be good and evil.”

Except those are descriptions, not causes. People do things that we classify as good or evil; good or evil aren’t things in and of themselves that cause anything to happen. This is distilled stupidity.

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