Another Atheist Display Destroyed

Another Atheist Display Destroyed December 29, 2012

In what is surely the least surprising news you’ll hear this week, yet another atheist sign has been destroyed. In West Milford, New Jersey, they decided to create a public forum for holiday displays on city property this year and some local atheists put up a sign that said “You KNOW it’s a myth. This season, celebrate REASON!” And a bunch of people lost their damn minds over it.

Now I’m not really a fan of this sign. I think it’s kind of silly to tell people what they do and don’t know (as opposed to what is or isn’t true; those are two different things). But that doesn’t really matter. It’s a public forum, which means anyone can put up a display of their choosing. The city thought that was a great idea right up until someone put up something they don’t like. And then:

Councilman Joseph Smolinski, Father Michael Rodak of Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, and others called for the sign’s removal during Wednesday’s council meeting, saying it is antagonistic, divisive, and an anti-faith desecration.

“This sign is particularly offensive to Christians because it is … basically trying to say [the nativity story] it is a myth,” Father Rodak said, noting the crèche on the property.

“This is a sign of hate,” he added, prior to asking if the council would permit a burning cross or swastika on its grounds. “As a people we should stand up against it. Those are symbols of hate, and so is this.”

Oh yeah, it’s just like a swastika or a burning cross. Exactly like it. No differences whatsoever. Smolinski appears to have even encouraged someone to steal or destroy the sign, saying he was surprised that no one had done so yet and that he would “turn the other cheek” if someone did. Uh, that’s not what that phrase means. Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean looking the other way. Inevitably, someone destroyed the sign, as has happened to atheist billboards and displays all over the country. I’d love to see a list of all such cases. I bet it’s a pretty high percentage of such signs that are vandalized or stolen. Because that’s exactly what Jesus would do.

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