Gangnam Style Video Shows Antichrist is Gay

Gangnam Style Video Shows Antichrist is Gay December 30, 2012

I’m not sure who the guy in this video is, but he appears to be entirely serious. He’s analyzing the now-infamous Gangnam Style video, which he says is a message directly from God about the nature of the Anti-Christ. And it apparently reveals that the Anti-Christ had a gay relationship with the False Prophet. If this was a parody, it would be fucking brilliant.


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  • William Tapley is a curious mix of end-time prophecy and rosary-clutching Mary worship. He appears to have created his own religion by borrowing stuff from apocalyptic Protestantism and fringe Catholicism. He thinks he’s a fancy-ass prophet, too (“Third Eagle of the Apocalypse”!). Tapley believes in subliminal messages and finds them everywhere (his Denver airport theories are hilariously weird). His entertainment value is high, but only in small doses.

  • Michael Heath

    My gaydar is pretty mediocre and yet I’m getting signals here; perhaps intentionally if it’s a spoof.

    “Satanic crop circles”, I cringe at most Christianist blather, but this guy is just damn entertaining. Which does suggest Godwin is once again validated.

    So God directed this video? What about the free will of the producers and named-director of this video?

    The end of the video reveals this conservative Christian’s actual motivation – he hates gay people where his religion provides ample resources to make his case.

  • Rodney Nelson

    “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse”

    And the “Co-Prophet of the End Times”.

    I do wonder how Tapley became the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse. Was there a test involved or was he nominated by an Eagle selection board? Are the Eagles of the Apocalypse a fraternal organization? Will Tapley ever become the Second Eagle? Inquiring minds want to know the answers to these trivial questions.

  • TCC

    A facebook friend posted this other video of his, which is even better because it deconstructs both “Gangnam Style” and “Call Me Maybe.”

  • Tapley sings, too. He has a mediocre voice but he wails away unashamed for the glory of god. However, I couldn’t help it when he sang the refrain “It’s prophesied” over and over again. I heard it as “prophecide” — which may not be a word, but I know what it means!

  • Rodney Nelson “I do wonder how Tapley became the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse.”

    It’s a Cub Scout rank. Another year in and he can make Second Eagle.

  • Wes

    I’ve seen quite a few William Tapley videos in the past, and I honestly still can’t quite tell if he’s serious or not. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if some day he posted a video saying, “Yeah, this was all bullshit. But I had nothing better to do.”

  • Moggie

    Rodney Nelson:

    Will Tapley ever become the Second Eagle?

    Yeah, accidents happen, you know?. If I were Second Eagle of the Apocalypse, I’d be watching this guy like a hawk.

  • Sastra

    I’m ashamed to say I watched the entire video. I could not look away.

    Mr. Tapley … sir. Have you perhaps considered — I mean, have you recognized the possibility — that you just might be overthinking all this a bit? Have you taken the danger of reading too much into an interpretation into proper consideration? Really?

    Oh, just a thought for you to ponder. Rest and reflect. I’ll let this gentle suggestion sink in for a while.

    (This is how an agent of the Anti-christ would talk to the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse. I take a pencil and point at the design next to the name above: atheist symbol. The open noose and the stabbing knife. Very significant.)

  • revjimbob

    I haven’t heard from Old Bill for a while.

    He is entirely serious, I’m afraid.

  • So what does it say about the antichrist that that video is infinitely better with the Star Wars cantina music?

  • johnwoodford

    Moggie@8: I saw what you did there.

  • TCC

    Holy shit, Zeno just made me realize that this is the same guy who wrote the Mitt Romney campaign song. Amazing.

  • thebookofdave

    @mickwright #11

    It reminds me more of “Merry-Go-Round Broke Down”, but your idea works too.

  • Sastra

    This guy is the ‘Poor-man’s Glen Beck.’

    Now contemplate how bankrupt one must be to merit this designation.

  • Loqi

    The Third Eagle is a comedy gold mine. If you think you couldn’t facepalm any harder, check out his song “R-Train.”


    Well, I’m convinced. It just makes so much sense!

    I’m heading to the desert to look for Mimi Rogers.

    Anybody want my stuff?

  • Tapley has this thing about Anderson Cooper too since he’s won Cooper’s award a couple of times. He very odd and I share his videos with my friends for major laughs.

  • Yes, indeed. Tapley recorded a musical endorsement of Romney. I guess he somehow forgot that Obama needed to be re-elected to usher in the end times. Prophets spend as much time cleaning up their past predictions as they do composing new ones.