Homeopath Demands Arrest, Deportation of Morgan

Homeopath Demands Arrest, Deportation of Morgan December 30, 2012

There’s already more than enough rank stupidity being thrown around about deporting Piers Morgan for making pro-gun control statements on his show, but now Natural News, a bugnutty homeopathy site run by the deranged Mike Adams, is demanding that he be arrested for sedition!

When Pratt responded that taking guns away from law-abiding people – who comprise the vast majority of America’s 85-million gun owners – would only make them more vulnerable, not to mention deny them their Second Amendment right to self-defense, Morgan couldn’t contain himself:

“You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?”

Morgan’s characterization of Pratt, let alone his irrational anti-gun mentality, makes him a criminal in America – one that should land him on the first flight out of the country.

Americans are, of course, protected under the First Amendment to make their points of view well-known, even if (or especially if) they use their constitutionally protected voice to speak out against other rights enshrined in the Constitution. But Morgan is not afforded those rights and protections. Using his broadcast as a position of influence he serves more as a criminal foreign agent when he stumps for positions that seek to deny Americans their constitutional rights.

You’re a fucking moron who knows nothing about the First Amendment. And if we’re going to arrest people for making political arguments, you go first. I hate you enough for pushing woo on people. I hate you doubly for being an authoritarian asshole. And I hate you most of all for making me defend Piers Morgan, who is one of the most annoying and vapid people on the planet.

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