Sylvia Browne’s 2012 Predictions

Sylvia Browne’s 2012 Predictions January 4, 2013

Pat Robertson and other Christian frauds are not the only ones who made blatantly false predictions for 2012. “Psychic” fraud Sylvia Browne did her usual terrible job of predicting what would happen, only hitting on the broadest and most obvious predictions and missing on some specific ones. You can find the full list here.

There will also be earthquakes in Japan, China and Europe.

There will be a tsunami in Florida in the fall.

We are going to see an economic package in place in November.

There will be a cure found for M.S.

Obama will not be reelected.

The next president will be a Republican.

I guess her spirit guide, or whatever she claims to have, is just as inaccurate as God. Or maybe, like Pat Robertson, she’s just a huckster getting rich from the ignorant and the credulous.

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