Barton: Hate is a Virtue, Tolerance a Sin

Barton: Hate is a Virtue, Tolerance a Sin January 5, 2013

David Barton says he’s thinking about writing a book that takes the position that hate is a virtue, at least when it is applied to the things that God disapproves of, and tolerance is a sin if it means tolerating something that God is opposed to.

I wrote this down recently and I’m thinking about it as a name for a book; if not the name for a book, this is definitely something that we have to at least get in our thinking. So let me throw out the thought that I had here, this is just throwing out the title for a book:

When tolerance is a sin and hate is a virtue.

I throw that out because we’re getting to the point where tolerance is a bad thing and hate is a good thing. And let me define that: we’re told in, I believe it’s Proverbs 4:13, it says “the fear of the Lord is to hate evil.” Which means that if I’m going to stand for what God stands for, there’s some certain things I have to hate: I have to hate evil, I have to hate murder – well no, you can’t hate, that’s a bad thing … no, hate is a good thing!

I mean hating Nazis, that’s a good thing. And people say “well, you hate their philosophy, you don’t hate the people.” No, I hate people who want to kill other people and I’m sorry that they’re killing others but the guys who were on the Nazi trials at the end, I’m sorry, I just hate what they did. Alright, I love them as a person, yes Jesus died for them, I understand, but I hate certain things.

So we’ve got to get to the point where tolerance is seen as a sin because we’re tolerating a lot stuff that destroys our families, that destroys our own character and we can’t tolerate that stuff. We have to get back to the point where hate is a virtue, at least certain kinds of hate. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil and we need to have a hatred of things and get off this fence of having no passion about anything. You know, I tolerate anything, I’m not going to have a passion good or bad, I’m not going to hate anything … We just can’t do that and we’ve got to get back to that same type of intolerance, that we’re going to be intolerant of liberalism.

I actually think he’s got a point, though he has the wrong target. I have no problem with hating those who murder and rape and do horrible things (and please don’t give me this mealy-mouthed, new agey “I don’t hate anyone, I just strongly dislike them” — as though that says anything meaningful at all). The problem is that Barton hates all the wrong things. He hates gay people because the Bible tells him that being gay is an “abomination.” And he acts accordingly

And I’m greatly amused by this claim that “we’re tolerating a lot of stuff that destroys our families.” Really? Then why is your family not destroyed? According to Barton, that “stuff” includes the Supreme Court banning mandatory prayer in schools in 1962 and it’s been going on ever since. 50 years worth of stuff that allegedly “destroys our families.” There should be no families left after two generations of such hyperbole.

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