Klingenschmitt: Obama to Kill Elderly People

Klingenschmitt: Obama to Kill Elderly People January 9, 2013

We’re used to Gordon Klingenschmitt saying crazy, paranoid things. This is, after all, the man who claims he can turn gay people straight by casting out demons from their bodies. Here’s his latest: Obamacare is going to “exterminate the elderly, systematically.”

Euthanasia is coming from Obamacare. He already de-funded Medicare Advantage by 800 Billion dollars, taking care away from the elderly to pay young people who refuse to work. Democrats see cost savings by eliminating the red line above. Federal bureaucrats will enforce Obamacare to exterminate the elderly, systematically. We must take a stand.

And by “take a stand,” of course, he means “send me your money.” I report on so much of this stuff that I almost begin to have some weird admiration for the ability of some wingnuts to invent new paranoid conspiracy theories. It seems we are forever just this close to the most horrifying future imaginable, yet that future never comes. I’ll make a prediction: Right wingers will continue to make up shit like this and the fact that their dystopic predictions never actually happen will do nothing to dissuade either them or their followers. Death and taxes are not the only certainties in life.

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  • coragyps

    I wonder if they could start euthanizing in the middle of the alphabet? Say, the letter K or so. And count retired chaplains as “elderly”……

  • raven

    Being a god is overrated. It doesn’t pay very well.

    Jesus, or at least his self appointed delegates, always seems to be broke and needs money.

  • Mr Ed

    Let me guess somebody had insomnia and Logan’s Run was on a 2 AM last night.

    I agree with Ed. The outrage fear machine has been turned up so high that now it is only a curiosity to see how far they will push it.

  • John Hinkle

    Perhaps Klingenschmitt should write a letter to Michele Bachmann and ask her to introduce a bill in the House to repeal Obamacare.

  • I’ve said this before, but I still think that 95% of this overweight closet case is spent trying not to crap in his pants. He sort of looks like John Gacy. He was a scary mother fucker.

  • busterggi

    Whoa! Is it 2009 again and nobody told me????

  • marcus

    I think that euthanizing the elderly would be a waste of resources. We should sell licenses and hunt them! Since I am approaching my 60s (kicking and screaming) it would give me a chance to go with dignity. Added bonus, it would give me a opportunity to maybe take some of you young whippersnappers with me. I may be old(er) but I’m also stupid.

  • Well, at least it will be systematically and not just willy-nilly!

  • Along marcus’s line of thought: can we FINALLY get Death Race going? We were supposed to have it by 2000!!

  • fastlane

    Marcus, youth and skill are no match for old age and treachery….. 😉

  • Abdul Alhazred

    What nonsense.

    The only elderly people who have to worry about being killed by Obama are the ones living in “terrorist” neighborhoods in Pakistan. Right?

  • Doug Little

    but I’m also stupid

    I’ll assume that this is a terrible typo and you actually meant NOT stupid.

  • noastronomer

    “Right wingers will continue to make up shit”

    Funny you should write this. I’ve been troubled recently, actually since Dubya was re-elected, about what is different about those people we categorize as right-wing. I’ve come to the conclusion that the right wing is comprised primarily of people who like to make shit up.

  • Sastra

    Marcus musta had himself a ‘senior moment.’

  • brianwestley

    “Well, at least it will be systematically and not just willy-nilly!”

    At last we can match the obituary column and die in alphabetical order.

  • poxyhowzes

    For an alternative view, read Eric MacDonald’s blog “Choice in Dying” regularly. Eric presents a compassionate and rational and reasoned argument for end-of-life decisions, particularly assisted suicide.

  • poxyhowzes “…compassionate…rational…reasoned…”

    This is America! Stop making up words!

  • What I want to know is how old you have to to get offed and is Klingenschmitt old enough?

    I would lobby to get the age lowered to his age and then he will stop making shit up.

    I like the hunting idea, or sneaking up behind them on the street and chopping their heads off.

    I’m 63. I hope I can get an exemption.

  • marcus

    @12 and 14 ssssshhhhhhh…. (Luring them in.)

  • shouldbeworking

    Great, now I have visions of Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck cartoons running through my “brain”.

  • drr1

    I’m with marcus and fastlane. Gimme a Hoveround and a Dirty Harry Magnum and I’m one bad-ass geezer. Quick question, though: can we break for dinner at 4:30?

  • marcus

    And cocoa at 9:30?

  • savagemutt

    It seems we are forever just this close to the most horrifying future imaginable, yet that future never comes.

    Well, of course not. That’s because Gordon keeps making a stand! He also sells a hell of an effective tiger repelling rock.

  • naturalcynic

    Yeah, those socialist countries kill off their old folks so much more efficiently than US. Little known section buried deep in Obamacare: no more import bans on Soylent Green from Sweden and Denmark.