Pentagon Blocks LGBT Sites for ‘Operational Security’ Reasons

Pentagon Blocks LGBT Sites for ‘Operational Security’ Reasons January 10, 2013

The Pentagon blocks many LGBT sites on its computer network, which uses filter software called Blue Coat. It’s not because the sites are pornographic or anything like that; the sites being blocked include Pam Spaulding’s blog and many others like that. Here’s the Pentagon’s absurd rationalization:

The Department of Defense does not block LGBT websites. The pages referenced in several recent articles were denied access based on web filters blocking the “Blog/Personal Pages” category, not the specific sites themselves. While individuals on a DoD system may visit portions of the main websites (i.e.,,, certain additional links/pages – to include personal blogs – are blocked. Personal pages and blogs are blocked in accordance with DoD policy allowing military commanders the option to restrict access to personal pages for operational security reasons.

Not even an attempt to argue why blogs would present any more of a danger to operational security than any other kind of site. Or to explain why they allow access to lots of anti-gay blogs:

As AMERICAblog’s John Aravosis points out, this statement does not withstand scrutiny on multiple counts. First of all, the filtration software specifically identifies the sites as “LGBT” as a reason for being blocked. Secondly, this doesn’t explain why plenty of anti-gay conservative blogs and personal pages are not blocked, including RedState, Breitbart, the Family Research Council’s blog, the National Organization for Marriage’s blog, and Ann Coulter’s and Glenn Beck’s personal sites.

So it appears that only pro-gay rights “personal pages” are a threat to operational security.

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