Rush: Obama Bringing On Armageddon

Rush: Obama Bringing On Armageddon January 10, 2013

Erik Rush, the African-American Worldnutdaily columnist who thinks America’s biggest problem is an excess of “negrophilia,” says that the communist Obama and the “liberal-socialist” media are helping bring about the Biblical battle of Armageddon.

A starry-eyed press, indoctrinated into liberal-socialism by communist journalism school professors, have become no less than a state propaganda bureau. Thus, the press as most of us understand it, no longer exists. We can count on their doing all they can to aid Obama and the mission of the radical left in the foreseeable future. The most harmful realm in which they currently operate is that of nondisclosure, whereby they are withholding vast amounts of information concerning the criminality of this administration from the public, and the degree of power it continues to criminally usurp and coalesce…

Those who were ostensibly the political enemies of the communists and socialists became weak; others became so corrupted that there is now very little difference between them. Some argue that there is in fact no difference between them. Here of course, I am speaking about the Republican Party.

Many Americans have wondered why, like the press, GOP leaders are also withholding vast amounts of information concerning the criminality of this administration from the public. Whether they are too well-sated and disconnected to care, or they are deliberately running interference for congressional socialists, it still spells complicity.

I don’t often go out on the limb of religious doctrine, but you have to admit that in the aggregate, this all lends credence to Armageddon dogma, whether one subscribes to the Millennialist view, of if one merely accepts the Book of Revelation (there being a difference). If one recognizes neither, there’s still the dystopian science fiction atrociously-oppressive government scenario. Interpreting it as politics as usual would be, in my view, a form of desperate denial.

Well as long as you’re being rational about this…

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