Buster Wilson Gets It! He Really Gets It!

Buster Wilson Gets It! He Really Gets It! January 17, 2013

Buster Wilson of the American Family Association has a problem. He appears to have no period key on his computer, only an exclamation point key, which he uses to end nearly every sentence in this idiotic diatribe where he declares that he’s finally figured out what is wrong with liberals: We hate God and the truth and probably kick puppies too. Speaking of a conversation he had with Zack Ford of ThinkProgress about Louis Giglio, he says:

Zack and his team went digging for dirt. (I have accused the LGBT activists of not having any desire to understand the conservative, Christian view in this matter, and their actions prove my point! They want to simply paint the Christian community as “haters” and they do their best to demean and belittle the precious Word of God as out dated, wrong headed and hateful!

Well yeah. That’s because the Bible is, in fact, outdated, wrongheaded and hateful.

I never see them digging for dirt on Muslims, Mormons, Catholics, etc. They only dig for the dirt on the evangelical Christians like us (AFA) and Louie Giglio. I mean, think about it! Did they one day just decide to scour the web, looking for old sermons, and when they found his sermon archives, did they really take the time to listen until they found one that had the “offensive” and “damning” remarks that they cherish?

Yeah, no one ever criticizes Mormons, Muslims or Catholics, only evangelicals. All evidence to the contrary, of course. If you’re going to have a persecution complex, it must be absolutely impervious to all facts that do not fit the narrative. You see Buster, when you say stupid and hateful shit in the age of the internet, someone is probably going to point out that you’re saying stupid and hateful shit — like I’m doing right now. You might want to get used to it.

They don’t care. Simple as that. I’ve known this, it’s not a new revelation. But I kept on hoping that if we could just talk….I mean, talk without screaming at one another, talk without calling one another names and such, that maybe, just maybe we could reach some kind of understanding.

I have. Reached an understanding, that is. I get it. They want acceptance, but they want more than acceptance. They want dominance. They want special privileges. They want special protections. They see themselves as being in a new civil rights struggle…

I GET it. Rather, I GOT it, thanks to God’s drawing me to Himself. I said there were two parts to my having “gotten it”….I’ve nothing to offer on my own, and on my own I would have resisted God with all I had. But, He broke through my stubborn, hard heart, and because of His unexplainable love for me, He gave me life.

Your imaginary friend magically taught you that your opponents are all hateful sinners out to destroy you. What a coincidence!

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