Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Hosts Wingnuts

Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Hosts Wingnuts January 18, 2013

The Worldnutdaily is promoting an event called the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, which sounds official but is really just a gathering of wingnuts. The lineup includes Michele Bachmann, Pat Robertson, Pat Boone, and Jan Crouch. And WND says that Joseph Farah is on the list too, but the Christian post reported a few days ago that he had been dropped from the program.

Joseph Farah, the CEO and chief editor of the conservative website WorldNetDaily, who has questioned President Barack Obama’s birth record, has been removed from the guest list of the sixth Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast which will take place on Jan. 21.

Merrie Turner, who founded and has hosted the event since 1993, shared with Media Matters that Farah had incorrectly been listed as a featured guest on the list, which includes most notably Rep. Michele Bachmann and televangelist Pat Robertson.

“It is against my beliefs to be openly targeting someone like the president of our country, we have enough enemies outside the country,” Turner shared with Media Matters. “It was incorrectly picked up by our staff, I am going to be correcting that.”

So let’s see. Farah was allegedly removed from the guest list because he has been “openly targeting” President Obama, but they’ll keep Pat Boone, also a birther, and Pat Robertson, who has promoted every whacky conspiracy theory about Obama on the 700 Club, and Michele Bachmann, who says Obama has deliberately let the Muslim Brotherhood take over the government. Oh, and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger, which was turned into a documentary called The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” that was produced by — wait for it — Joseph Farah. Yeah, that’s a credible excuse.

Farah is still listed as a speaker on the event website, and the Worldnutdaily is also listed as a sponsor of the event. It must be so hard figuring out which of these cretins is too crazy to be on the dais.

And I can’t wait to hear what the prayers are like with this group of loonies.

Dear heavenly father, we pray that you would reach down and touch the heart of Barack Obama, who should not be president because he’s ineligible for the office. We ask that you bring him to the light, lord, so that he would no longer be a Kenyan anti-colonialist Nazi commie fascist who is trying to destroy America by giving free health care to terrorists. Please make everyone aware that Obama’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis, or that his real father is Malcolm X, whichever is most effective in making him look like the enemy. Amen.

Update: The organizer of the event has now issued a statement saying that Farah will be part of the event and said the whole thing was a miscommunication.

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  • slc1

    Please make everyone aware that Obama’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis, or that his real father is Malcolm X, whichever is most effective in making him look like the enemy.

    Since both Davis and Malcolm X were American citizens, that theory is at odds with the birther theories. Of course, when one is a whackjob, discrepancies like this are small beer.

  • Trebuchet


    You’re forgetting he gave up his citizenship when he was in that madrassa in Indonesia.

  • Worse, Barry C. Black, Senate chaplain, and the Rev. Patrick J. Conroy, House of Representatives chaplain (and why are the taxpayers paying these guys?) are listed as attending.

  • @SLC1:

    Since both Davis and Malcolm X were American citizens, that theory is at odds with the birther theories.

    Malcom Hussein X lost his American citizenship by joining the Nation of Islam. It’s a nation. And Frank Molotov Davis was a Russian Soviet agent here on a forged American passport.

  • Larry

    Inaugural Prayer Breakfast: Come for the pancakes, stay for wacky, conspiracy loons.

  • hexidecima

    ooooh, can we watch these idiots declare that each other are false prophets? Robertson certainly qualifies. Will Michele Bachmann do her Biblical duty and stone him?

  • TGAP Dad

    You say that the inaugural prayer breakfast “…is really just a gathering of wingnuts.” All you really had to say was “inaugural prayer breakfast. We can do the math from there.

  • slc1

    Re Dr X @ #4

    There’s another claim out there that Obama’s mother is not Ann Dunham but Ann Dunham’s mother (e.g. his supposed maternal grandmother).

  • John Hinkle

    …the whole thing was a miscommunication.

    I expect we’ll be hearing from Bill O’Reilly now: “You can explain that.”

  • grizzle

    Does this amount of wingnuts qualify as a Gaggle?

  • jnorris

    No grizzle, its an asylum of wingnuts.

  • F [nucular nyandrothol]

    It’s obviously not even a real prayer breakfast, but a parade of famous religious nuts. Most of whom have been the center of at least once scandal or worse.

    You want a prayer breakfast (not that such a thing is good in government), then invite some real priests/pastors/preachers/reverends/imams, not these political media heads.

    Here, even the lie is really another lie.

  • Erp

    Well the more official thing is the next day with the 57th Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service at the National Cathedral (the 57th is a bit deceptive since it refers to the Inauguration and not the prayer service [that custom really only goes back to FDR]).

    The Episcopalian National Cathedral recently announced it would perform weddings for people of the same sex which should make it anathema to the religious conservatives. Adam Hamilton, UMC minister from Kansas, will give the sermon; he apparently has the largest Methodist church in the country. He seems to be fairly liberal in his views (no mandatory prayer in schools, not a creationist, wants the Methodists to be more accepting of gays,..). (I’m interested in seeing who from the Catholic hierarchy will show up)

  • dan4

    Actually, the whole concept behind “prayer” (that you can somehow change, or possibly change, things by uttering some words) is pretty damn wingnutty in and of itself.

  • Jute Wood

    You sound like a wingnut yourself Eddie.

  • dan4

    @15: You need a hearing aid.

  • Michael Heath

    When you’re delusional, competency on even the simplest of matters becomes a far more daunting challenge.