Roy Moore: Still a Theocrat

Roy Moore: Still a Theocrat January 18, 2013

The Christian News Network has a report on the swearing-in of Roy Moore as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for the second time, after he was booted out of office the first time for refusing to comply with a federal court order. He made sure everyone knows that he is still a theocrat:

“We’ve got to remember that most of what we do in court comes from some Scripture or is backed by Scripture,” Moore told the overflow audience, some of who watched from another room on closed circuit television.

According to reports, Moore explained that the court system was created by God, and that the basis for law is outlined in the Book of Deuteronomy. He quoted from Founding Fathers Madison and Washington as well, and talked about the importance of acknowledging God, just as he did in 2003 when he was removed from the bench.

“It was right then to acknowledge God,” Moore said. “And it will continue to be so.”

And it probably goes without saying that this is all God’s will:

He had also run for governor two years prior, but lost in the primaries. He thanked the now Governor Robert Bentley for beating him in the race on Friday.

“If he hadn’t beaten me, I wouldn’t be here today,” Moore remarked, recognizing the hand of God.

Of course. Every theocrat thinks God put him in power for the purpose of creating theocracy.

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