Buehner: Officials Must ‘Remove’ Homosexuality ‘From the Land’

Buehner: Officials Must ‘Remove’ Homosexuality ‘From the Land’ January 20, 2013

I’d not heard of Dave Buehner until a few weeks ago, when Right Wing Watch began reporting on the contents of the show he does with Kevin Swanson, Generations Radio. But he’s making a strong case for inclusion in the Westboro Baptist Church. First he says that homosexuality = cannibalism, now he says the government must remove homosexuality from the country entirely:

Buehner repeated his claims about homosexuality and claimed that homosexuals should be treated like rapists and murderers. He also urged Colorado legislators to “remove homosexuals from society, saying they’ll also pay the price at the golden gates if they don’t fall in line.”

Buehner maintained: “God’s law to the civil magistrate in terms of homosexuality says you should remove the abomination from the land, so that’s God’s instruction to the people who work up in the capitol who make our laws. That’s what they’re going to be held accountable for.”

Scott Lively must be beaming with pride.

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