Saleem at Calvin College Again

Saleem at Calvin College Again January 23, 2013

Fake “ex-terrorist” Kamal Saleem is going to be appearing here in West Michigan at several locations, sponsored by the American Decency Association, a tiny group of cranks that is little more than PO Box and a guy with an email address. One of those locations is at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Right Wing Watch lists some of Saleem’s more bizarre claims:

Saleem has argued that President Obama is a Muslim who is using Roe v. Wade “to bring Sharia law” to the U.S. He maintains that Obama wants to make sure that “Sharia law will be supreme in America” by working with “Hamas to import Muslim people to the United States” and “legalizing terrorism.” Saleem even claims that “there are many generals who swore to destroy the United States of America are generals in the United States [military]” and that an Islamic shadow government is secretly running the U.S. through the Obama family babysitter.

They also note that when Saleem spoke at that college in 2007, a Christian professor there did some research and thoroughly debunked his claim to be an ex-terrorist. Naturally, Saleem accused him of being aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. Then again, Saleem is one of a group of wingnuts who thinks everyone other than them are in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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