She Brainwashed Me With Science

She Brainwashed Me With Science January 24, 2013

Awww. Ken Ham doesn’t heart Zack Kopplin, the Louisiana student leading the fight against a state law that gives teachers permission to use creationist supplemental material to challenge the validity of evolution in science textbooks. And it’s all about brainwashing, apparently.

Students are being brainwashed with evolutionary ideas in almost all public schools and museums, and they are expected to accept it uncritically. We’ve made this point many times over the years, but a recent news story has made the brainwashing even more obvious. In 2008, Louisiana passed a bill that would allow teachers in the public school system to “use supplemental materials . . . to help students critique and review scientific theories.” Such critical thinking skills should be a part of an education process and are part of many state education standards…

Well, a 19-year-old student at Rice University, Zack Kopplin, is on a mission to repeal that law. He is being praised by the secular world for his ambition, as evidenced in a recent article about him.

Atheistic evolutionists do not want any talk of “critiquing” or “thinking critically” about evolutionary ideas, because evolution is their way of explaining life without God, which is why we call evolution a religion. Despite their claims to the contrary, atheists use evolution as their religion to replace God. Evolution is a foundation for their set of beliefs about life and how it arose, just as creation, as described in Genesis, is our set of beliefs about how life arose. Atheists blindly hold to evolution because of their rejection of Christ. Zack Kopplin has seemingly declined to talk about his personal beliefs about God, but many atheists have basically claimed him as one of their own, including the Friendly Atheist, a well-known blogger, who published a post the other day calling Kopplin an atheist.

Because his religious beliefs, or lack thereof, are irrelevant to the question of whether evolution is the correct explanation for the history of life on earth. Evolution is accepted as the only coherent explanation for a vast range of data across many fields of science by scientists of every possible religious viewpoint, from evangelical Christian to Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and atheist. Creationism, on the other hand, is accepted only by a particular brand of religious fundamentalist with an a priori commitment to a literal interpretation of the Bible.

Look, we know where this legislative language comes from. It didn’t appear in a vacuum, it is the latest phase of an anti-evolution agenda that goes all the way back to about 30 seconds after Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859. When the Supreme Court ruled that “creation science” was religion and could not be taught in public school science classrooms in Edwards v Aguillard in 1987, the creationists took all their old ideas, gave them a shiny new coat of paint and declared it to be “intelligent design theory.” And they said, “We don’t want creation science taught, we just want intelligent design theory taught along with evolution.”

When Judge Jones definitively ruled that ID was just a restated version of creation science and still not allowed in public school science classrooms, they returned to the drawing board and came up with a new strategy. They said, “We don’t want intelligent design taught along with evolution, we just want to ‘teach the controversy’ over evolution and have teachers give students ‘the evidence for and against’ evolution.” And then they came up with an even better strategy, saying, “We just want to teach kids to ‘think critically’ about evolution.”

So what does that mean? It means they want teachers to introduce supplemental material, handouts and such, that offer up the same tired old anti-evolution arguments that have been debunked a thousand times, like “irreducible complexity” and Jonathan Wells’ highly dishonest Icons of Evolution arguments. The goal is the same as it always has been, to undermine the teaching of good science and make kids less likely to accept evolution. Why? Because evolution contradicts their religious beliefs.

Well, tough. Almost everything taught in school contradicts someone’s religious belief. Teaching that microorganisms cause disease contradicts the Christian Science church’s doctrines. Teaching that the earth is round and revolves around the sun contradicts the beliefs of many Christians. Teaching that blacks and whites are equal contradicts the views of the Christian Identity church. But your religious beliefs don’t determine what is true or what should be taught in schools.

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