Dean Goes Full Godwin

Dean Goes Full Godwin January 29, 2013

Bradlee Dean isn’t just tipping his toe in the water of Lake Godwin, he’s doing a cannonball off the dock while yelling “the Nazis are coming, the Nazis are coming!” In his latest insipid Worldnutdaily column, he compares America to Germany in the 1930s, failing to stop President Obama’s headlong rush to fascism. “Are we as asleep as the Germans of the ’30s,” he asks.

Just imagine if the Nuremberg Trials, per se, would have taken place at the first unconstitutional acts of Hitler’s wicked regime. Hitler could have easily been stopped in the 1920s with relative ease by the German people who still had the freedom to do the right thing, and did it not.

Instead, they acted as if Hitler had nothing to do with their personal lives.

Friends, as no one took Mussolini, Mao or Stalin seriously at first, many fellow Germans thought Hitler was an average run-of-the-mill wacko who posed no threat.

Horrifically, they were dead wrong…

What does this have to do with America today?


It is clear to see that over the last four administrations, America’s government is emulating many similarities – likewise setting itself at war with God, abusing power and trampling on the Constitution.

It’s “emulating many similarities.” That turn of phrase made me laugh out loud. It’s the kind of thing dumb people would write because they think it makes them sound not so dumb. They’re wrong. As for this ridiculous claim of impending fascism, the very fact that he can write such nonsense and be greeted only with our derisive laughter and not by a train ride to one of those FEMA camps that exist only in the minds of wingnuts is proof that he’s wrong.

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