ADA Promotes Truth and Innocence by Association

ADA Promotes Truth and Innocence by Association January 30, 2013

The American Decency Association, a tiny little fringe group based not far from where I live, is bringing fake “ex-terrorist” Kamal Saleem to West Michigan for several appearances and they’re offering up a silly and irrelevant response to criticism of Saleem and his “life story.” The Grand Rapids press writes about it and links to articles that show Saleem’s claims of being an ex-terrorist are not the least bit believable. The ADA’s “answer” to that is, oddly, innocence and truth by association:

Our speaker, Kamal Saleem, comes regarded and vetted by major Christian ministries in America. In recent days, he interviewed with Liberty Counsel. In October, he spoke at the highly regarded “Value Voters Summit” in Washington, DC sponsored by organizations such as American Family Association, Family Research Council, Vision America (Gary Bauer), Liberty Counsel (Mat Staver), Timothy Plan (Art Ally). He also speaks quite regularly with Lt. General Jerry Boykin (ret) at various sites across America…

I have had conversations with Kamal and his team. The emphasis upon Christ in their mission is central! To God be the Glory is part and parcel of Kamal’s message.

We are known by our enemies. One of Kamal Saleem’s biggest enemies is CAIR. Do you know what CAIR is? It is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is a Hamas entity operating in the United States on behalf of Hamas. Hamas, CAIR, and its founder, Omar Ahmad, were both named as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial. CAIR manipulates information, and conducts political influence operations, intelligence collection and counterintelligence operations. CAIR participates in civilization jihad working to bring shariah into the United States.

Uh, okay. None of that has anything at all to do with the question of whether Saleem’s claims of being an ex-terrorist are true or not. And the idea that he’s telling the truth because he’s been “vetted” by the likes of Liberty Counsel and Jerry Boykin is utterly laughable.

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