Georgia Legislator Repeats Barton Nonsense

Georgia Legislator Repeats Barton Nonsense January 31, 2013

Georgia state Sen. Barry Loudermilk went on TBN and repeated David Barton’s ridiculous lie that the founding fathers based the entire American government on the Bible. The three branches of government, he says, comes from Isiah 33:22, which says the exact opposite, “the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our ruler, the Lord is our king.” That’s not three branches of government, it’s one person holding all power, the opposite of what the constitution requires. Worse yet he claims:

John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, they all referenced Jeremiah 17:9, which is the depravity of men, men’s hearts are naturally wicked.

Really? They all referenced that? Then by all means, cite the actual letter, speech or document in which they did so. We’ll wait.


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