The Worldnutdaily Has Some Advice for the Ladies

The Worldnutdaily Has Some Advice for the Ladies February 5, 2013

For all my female friends who are constantly told that they should be raped (or that they’re too ugly to be raped, depending on the asshole responding to them) or that they should stop worrying their pretty (or ugly) little heads over being called a bitch or a cunt for acting like anything other than a doormat, the Worldnutdaily has some advice:


And the article is written by a woman, for fuck’s sake. And it’s all based on a new book by Suzanne Venker, Phyllis Schlafly’s niece and the woman who thinks there’s a “war on men.” She also believes that the problem is that “women aren’t women anymore.” And if they’d just stop sleeping around, they’d be happy like her:

“Women lowered their standards,” she told WND. “They did this by changing the way they approach sex. That’s the No. 1 biggest issue. They’ve lost any sort of reasonable modesty or holding high standards and having a lot of self-respect in terms of the way they carry themselves and dress and how quickly they have sex.”

She added, “It’s funny, this whole ‘empowerment’ idea was supposed to make women better and give them greater self-esteem. ‘Empowered’ is a great word, but it’s totally misused by feminists. Sexual empowerment does not mean sleeping around. In fact, the message is quite the opposite. It shows that you don’t think very much of yourself, that you don’t think you’re worthy of waiting for or committing to. Honestly, I think a lot of women have no idea that that’s how it works between women and men and that their behavior and attitude has driven men into a different direction.”

But how can women find men who are good husbands, fathers and providers? Don’t look to feminists for the answers, Venker warns.

“The way we do that is to happily depend on what men bring to the table, their masculinity, their desire to provide for and protect their woman,” she explained.

“If you want him to step up to the plate and become a family man, you need to respect and honor his career path and really get behind it because it will be what carries you if you choose to have children.”

Venker said the feminist movement has taught women to stop needing men – for anything in life – from companionship to financial support or even childbearing.

“Men have been hearing for years that women don’t need their money,” she said. “They don’t need anything from men. Men have just sort of given up. They just stop trying because you don’t need their money, you don’t need them as husbands and you’re sexually ‘empowered.’ There’s just a whole different set of circumstances that women created, and that’s why men are the way they are.

Yeah, we men have all given up because women aren’t available for purchase because they have jobs and almost-equal rights and stuff. It was so much better in the old days when women had to stay with abusive assholes out of financial dependency. Even the nostalgia was better in the old days.

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