Two Peas in a Wingnut Pod

Two Peas in a Wingnut Pod February 5, 2013

Larry Klayman, aka the worst lawyer in America not named Mat Staver or Orly Taitz, points to Beyonce apparently lip-synching the national anthem (to her own voice, which she had recorded) and says that she and Obama are two peas in a pod. But his column points to other, unnoticed similarities:

Thus, as various eligibility challenges – several of which I have filed for voters and rival presidential candidates in Alabama and Florida (see – wind their way through the courts, the stakes are gargantuan in terms of Obama’s legal future and our own lives and the life of the nation as a whole. And, if we can find that one judge and legal forum who and which will show some courage in this age of cowardice, and rule that Obama is not eligible under the U.S. Constitution to be president, then perhaps we will not only be able to nullify ALL of his illegal executive orders to date, but also force him to resign “Watergate Nixon” style. In Alabama, for instance, our case, filed on behalf of voter Hugh McInnish and 2012 presidential candidate Virgil Goode, is now before Chief Justice Roy Moore and his colleagues on the Alabama Supreme Court. If there is one judge who has the requisite courage in this land, it is the Ten Commandments champion Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Klayman and Moore sounds like a match made on Planet Wingnuttia. Oh, but there’s more:

But notwithstanding these lawsuits, Obama and his accomplices also need to be held criminally liable for the fraud they have perpetrated on the nation. That is why in the next few weeks I will be seeking his criminal indictment before a citizens grand jury in Ocala, Fla. As the citizens prosecutor, once a true bill is returned, I will seek to arraign Obama and try him before a citizens court. While we cannot expect the government to itself enforce any conviction, the people do have this right. On my watch, this will be undertaken legally and peacefully, hopefully creating additional pressure on Obama to resign his presidency and ultimately land him in prison for his fraud on the country.

Some of you may say that all of this is foolish wishful thinking. To this I would reply, so too was the inspirational vision of Founding Fathers like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington to win the declared war with the British Empire and create a free nation. Their prayers and dream of a free republic was heard and acted upon by the ultimate Judge, our Lord and Savior. And, if it can happen once, it can happen again, before all is otherwise lost.

They’ll be holding that “citizens court” in a barn owned by Larry’s Uncle Elmer, next to the still.

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