Paul Broun in the Senate?

Paul Broun in the Senate? February 10, 2013

Rep. Steve King isn’t the only serious House wingnut attempting to move up to the Senate. Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia, a charter member of the House Crackpot Caucus, is going to run for the Republican nomination to replace Sen. Saxby Chambliss in 2014:

Georgia GOP Rep. Paul Broun is expected to announce his candidacy for Senate Wednesday in the race to replace retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

Broun, who represents Georgia’s 10th district, will hold a press conference Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta to announce his decision. Though he hasn’t officially said yet that he will enter the race, Broun is widely expected to do so. His wife, Niki, also said last week that her husband is planning to run.

Let’s go over some of his greatest hits. He’s the guy who said that evolution and the big bang were “lies from the pit of hell.” He was one of two legislators who voted for Allen West to be the new speaker of the House — after West was voted out of office. And just a week or so ago he said that Obama “upholds the Soviet constitution.” There are lots of people as batshit as him in the House, but we usually don’t let them into the Senate.

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