Marriage Equality and Religious Freedom

Marriage Equality and Religious Freedom February 11, 2013

Steve Crampton and Matt Barber of the absurdly named Liberty Counsel worked themselves up into quite a lather on Barber’s radio show last week, claiming that same-sex marriage “will eradicate us and they will not stop until the homosexual totalitarian view of the world is forcefully imposed on every American.”


All nonsense, of course. Allowing same-sex marriage will have exactly the same effect that allowing interracial marriage had on religious freedom. Churches and ministers will not be forced to perform same-sex marriages just like they aren’t forced to perform interracial marriages. But businesses that provide services to the public may have to provide those services regardless of sexual orientation depending on where they are located (sexual orientation isn’t covered under federal law or many state laws, but it is in some states and cities).

Just as there are some churches and some religious people who support same-sex marriage and some who don’t, there are some who support interracial marriage and some who don’t. Overturning laws against interracial marriage had exactly the same effect that overturning laws against same-sex marriage will have. So why isn’t religious liberty already crushed? Why isn’t Loving v Virginia imposing a racial totalitarian view of the world on every American? Oh wait, the same thing was claimed after 1967. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now.

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