Hoft Uses Fake, Irrelevant Picture

Hoft Uses Fake, Irrelevant Picture February 13, 2013

Reading this post by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit leaves me scratching my head. He uses a famously faked picture of John Kerry and Jane Fonda, which is bad enough, but the real question is, why? The picture has absolutely nothing to do with the article he links to, which is about America’s outdated highway system. Here’s the picture:


And the Snopes article about it, which shows the original images that were merged for the fake result. But again, the question is why? The article he links to and quotes is about baby boomers supposedly sticking younger generations with the bill for an aging transportation infrastructure that needs to be updated. And it concludes with this question:

Are the boomers just incompetent narcissists, or are they the worst generation in American history?

But neither Fonda nor Kerry are baby boomers. Both were born before the end of World War 2 (and Fonda before it even started). And even if they were baby boomers, using that picture would make no sense at all. Does he think that our crumbling infrastructure is due to Vietnam War protests? WTF?

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  • Everything bad started with hippies. That’s a fact.

  • WTF, Ed; we gotta connect allllllllllllll the dots.

    Look, Kerry hates in no particular order JESUS, MurKKKa and Guns. Jane Fonda is a comsympinko hoor.

    If they had not HELPED Ho Chi Pot prolong the war then those B-52’s that got shot down over Hanoi in late 1972 could have been used for EDRB* in THIS country and we’da had more better Interstates, sooner.

    You’re welcome.

    * Explosive Demolition Road Building

  • evilDoug

    Well, Jane is sister of Peter who was in Easy Rider which was a crumbling heap of a road trip movie, so there is her connection.

  • unbound


    He’s already changed the picture.

  • …to a stock “hippies” photo.

    About 5 years ago I was living in a Florida condo and while using one of the pools, surrounded by retirees, I heard them talking about “current events” and politics – complaining about Jane Fonda.

    This guy reminds me of them.

    I’ll make sure to stay off his lawn.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    … former Vietnam Vet …”?

    Once having achieved such a status, how did Kerry lose it?

  • whirligig

    How would a picture of people who protested an expensive an unnecessary war illustrate wasteful spending? I guess the connection is “here are some people who tried to stop that kind of waste”?

  • illdoittomorrow

    Pierce R. Butler, @6:

    He borrowed Obama’s time machine, right after (or is it before? heh) he finished faking his birth certificate.

  • Ichthyic

    Everything bad started with hippies. That’s a fact.

    including that meme.

  • “Are the boomers just incompetent narcissists, or are they the worst generation in American history?”

    Well, yes, but it’s probably unfair to hold them solely responsible for the condition of our roads.

  • iknklast

    Baby boomers – we were responsible for everything! Including the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Including the dropping of the atomic bomb (we’re TOTALLY powerful – able to do things before we were born). Including the death of Jesus. Including….go on, you all can help me out here. Apartheid? We did it. Slavery? Ours, too. The boat accident that killed Percy Shelley while still a young man? Oh, yes, we did that, we did it all. I confess. And we enjoyed it! Because we knew, we just knew, that someday Barack Obama was going to be president, and he was going to use all our misdeeds to usher in a commie nazi Kenyan Muslim Brotherhood atheist One World government. We’ve been exposed.

    And now they figured out that we were responsible for the highways, too. It has nothing to do with the Ayn Randians that have taken over the government…it’s merely the fact that there are baby boomers in the world, and how dare we even breathe the air? (Yes, I’m bitter. I read one jerk suggest, seriously, that we should all agree to die so the world would be able to be fixed – and this guy was a ‘liberal’!) Well, I’m not going that easily. I’m sticking around and seeing it through – the “Baby Boomer Agenda” will triumph, and all you little people (i.e., non-boomers) will be in our power forever.

  • iknklast:

    I may have to borrow that first paragraph and see if I can deliver the whole thing in one go.

    I just read it aloud, about 20 seconds to retain some coherency.

    That paragraph is to screeds what the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 is to automobiles.

  • iknklast

    Thanks, democommie. And feel free!

  • twincats

    As a Boomer, I make sure to inflict as much wear and tear on every road and street I travel on every time I get in my car. So there!