Glenn Beck and the Man on the Moon

Glenn Beck and the Man on the Moon February 14, 2013

As I’ve mentioned before, Glenn Beck is on a crusade to change the 4th of July celebration and he’s producing a live show from Salt Lake City this year to “tell the American story from a point of view you’ve never heard before” — the man on the moon.

Amusingly, he says “it’s not a historian’s point of view, not my point of view. Who knows the history of America better than anybody else? Somebody who would know the history of the entire world and has watched men make the same mistakes over and over again and has waited — waited — for somebody to just keep continuing to look up, even in the good times. This year we’ll tell the American story from the perspective of…the man in the moon.”

So it’s not a historian’s perspective, it’s not Glenn Beck’s perspective, it’s the man in the moon’s perspective. Does he actually think that the man in the moon exists? Because I’m pretty sure there is no man in the moon, which means there can’t be any such perspective. It can only be Glenn Beck inventing a character to spout his own views. This is really quite weird, even for Beck.


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