Gohmert Flips Out Over Military Cross Removal

Gohmert Flips Out Over Military Cross Removal February 14, 2013

Rep. Louis Gohmert, who truly may be the dumbest man in Congress (I know, he has stiff competition), went on Tony Perkins’ radio show and threw a serious fit over the Pentagon ordering the removal of a cross from a building on a remote base in Afghanistan (because it violated longstanding military rules, by the way). Gohmert’s predictably idiotic response:

Gohmert: It is amazing how many people think that the First Amendment means that government must discriminate against Christianity when actually it says we’re supposed to avoid prohibiting the free exercise thereof. We shall make no law respecting any establishment of religion, we get that, but we’re not supposed to prohibit the free exercise thereof. It’s like, ‘oh you’re in the military you can’t have freedom of religion,’ ‘what do you mean I can’t have freedom of religion, I’m fighting for people to have freedom of religion, you’re not going to allow me to worship at the very time I need it most when my life could come to an end? You’re going to deprive me of that? You’re going to take away the symbols of the things I believe in, seriously?’ So we’ve got a witch hunt going on by those who for some reason, and you and I know the reason, but they just hate anything to do with Christianity. They certainly don’t go after Islam or Hindu [sic] or anything like that; heck we’ll let them build a Muslim worship center on Ground Zero but a Christian chapel? ‘No I don’t think so we’re not going to do that.’ There is active discrimination against Christianity.

Uh, the soldiers do have freedom of religion and Christian soldiers get special benefits that no one else gets (like being able to go to church rather than perform duties like cleaning up the barracks). And does he really not understand the difference between a Muslim group privately buying a building and turning it into an Islamic center and the government putting religious symbols on a building owned by the taxpayers? And by the way, it’s not a Christian chapel, it’s used by anyone on the base of any religion as a place of worship. As always, not allowing Christians exclusive domination of everything is discrimination against Christians.

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