Woman Wins ‘Psychic’ Contest

Woman Wins ‘Psychic’ Contest February 15, 2013

I didn’t know that there was such a thing as the International Battle Of The Psychics, but if anyone shows up other than the winner, I think the whole thing is a fraud (because the others should have known they were going to lose). And I had to laugh when I read the start of this article about the woman who won last year.

June Field, a 53-year-old widow, karate expert, euphonium player and the ‘world’s greatest psychic’ is perched on the edge of a slippery faux leather sofa in her Dundee semi.

She is breathing in the smell of scented candles, telling me to sit up straight because otherwise she can’t see my ‘energy’ properly and is poised to give me one of her world-class readings.

‘I’m just going to sit in your vibration for a little while,’ she says. ‘But before I begin, there’s a lady who’s been popping in and out all morning. She’s got a big smiley face, she’s quite robust — and she’s what we call the “door-opener”. Ooh, I can feel people pulling all around you . . .’

Come on, that’s just plain funny. If you don’t sit up straight I can’t see your “energy”? Comedy gold. The competition, by the way, is judged in part by fake ‘psychic’ Uri Geller. Because that’s credible.

June, meanwhile, is a medium — passing messages between this world and the next with the help of four spirit ‘guides’ or ‘angels’.

‘My job is to prove that people don’t die — that they’re living on the other side and are still connected with you.’

Prove. You keep using that word…

And finally, what about the money — the £19,000 prize money she was hoping to spend on her son, a new boiler and some time off?

It turns out that, somehow, thanks to a dodgy-sounding clause in the small print of her contract, STB can choose whether to pay out or not. And, in this case (rumour has it because she was not Ukrainian), they have chosen not to.

Poor June. What a blow.

What a shock, a competition about fraud is, itself, fraudulent. She should have seen it coming.

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