Staver’s Second Dumbest Argument Ever

Staver’s Second Dumbest Argument Ever February 16, 2013

The dumbest legal argument Mat Staver, the dean of the Liberty University School of Law, ever made was when he tried to convince the Supreme Court that the Massachusetts gay marriage ruling was unconstitutional because allowing a court to overturn a law passed by the legislature violated the guarantee of a republican form of government (since the very court he was petitioning routinely strikes down such laws, I imagine this provoked a fair amount of laughter by the justices). But this one is a close second:

In mid-2010, two lesbians called on another homosexual to be the sperm donor in an in vitro fertilization process. The end result was a baby girl, who is now 23 months old. Circuit Court Judge Antonio Marin has approved a request to list all three adults as the parents on the birth certificate.

Mat Staver of Orlando-based Liberty Counsel tells OneNewsNow the ruling is “outrageous” because the Sunshine State has a constitutional amendment declaring marriage to be between one man and one woman.

“And anything that approximates marriage is also not permitted either, or that imitates marriage,” Staver explains. “And certainly, granting three parents rights to the same child is absolutely unbelievable. This is a polygamous relationship. This is polygamy that has occurred in Florida.”

Uh, no. A parent’s rights in regard to their children has nothing at all to do with their marital status. Parents who never get married still have full parental rights over the child. This is Orly Taitz-level stupid.

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