Dumbass Quote of the Day

Dumbass Quote of the Day February 18, 2013

Burt Prelutsky, Worldnutdaily columnist and sometimes film critic, delivers on the most inane statements you will ever see, while discussing the 60 Minutes interview with President Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s bad enough that he spewed this “he’s a commie” bullshit, but then look at the last paragraph:

What the viewers might have surmised from this eHarmony-style commercial is that they both like candlelight dinners and moonlight strolls on the beach. Unfortunately, what they were less open about is that they both subscribe to Saul Alinsky’s approach to bringing Soviet-style socialism to America.

While watching the love fest, I couldn’t help but compare it to the “60 Minutes” show in 1992 when Bill and Hillary appeared in the run-up to the election, looking like a couple of strangers seated next to each other waiting for a bus.

After watching Barack and Hillary billing-and-cooing for 30 minutes, I suspect that by the time he got home, Michelle was waiting with a rolling pin and a ton of attitude, wanting to know where he got off cozying up to that honky b–ch.

Could you play into lazy, idiotic stereotypes just a little bit more?

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  • Pyra

    *retch* Wow, that’s gross to read. I need to bleach my mind, now.

  • cottonnero

    Butterscotch? Besmirch? Backstitch? Blowtorch? What word could he possibly mean?

  • Sounds like another guy who shouldn’t leave the US. Given that he thinks Obama is plotting to impose “Soviet-style socialism” on America I can only imagine what would happen if spent any time in countries like Canada, the UK etc. etc. Most likely his head would explode.

  • Saul Alinksy is code-word for “I’m an idiot.”

  • “rolling pin”! Hilarious! What a clever, clever writer. Betcha this is the first time Prelutsky has even hinted that Michelle Obama knows enough about domestic matters to be able to find a rolling pin (since you’ll recall it’s an article of faith among the right-wing know-nothings that the First Lady thinks she’s Marie Antoinette and has minions to wait on her hand and foot; why, it’s not even certain that she still deigns to chew her own food!). The humor is rife in Prelutsky’s writing, but the poor man doesn’t realize every bit of it is unintentional. (Why are all of those people pointing at me and laughing?)

  • “Soviet-style socialism” is my new favorite euphemism.

  • dugglebogey

    At least he was objective…(/sarcasm)

  • Michael Heath

    When conservatives refer to Saul Alinsky, I interpret that as them unconsciously conceding they know nothing about history.

  • kermit.

    From the link: One fact that has gotten a lot of attention is that Mrs. Clinton visited 112 countries during her four years on the job. But I fail to see how that adds up to anything. It’s not as if she even has to do her own packing or rushing to catch a plane. To me, it means she found an easy way to keep her name and face in front of the public while managing to avoid Bill for weeks at a time.


    WTF does this ass think a secretary of state is supposed to do?


    Plus, he’s not funny. I have noticed that the True Believers, whether it’s in Ayn Rand’s or Mohammed’s holy revelations, are typically incapable of laughing at absurdity or word play. They will, however, laugh at an enemy’s pain or while mocking that enemy, so their ersatz comedians and humor writers tend to be mostly insult generators.

  • jameshanley

    Saul Alinksy had been totally forgotten until Bronco Bama ran for president in 2008. And now basically only his name is known. Appealing to a boogeyman who’s completely unfamiliar to 80% or more of the voting public–particularly the younger demographics (I mean, like me, mid-40s and under, because for god’s sake we don’t remember the ’60s!) is really a short-sighted political strategy.

    I hear the name Saul Alinsky, and I think, “Wasn’t he a writer? Oh, wait, that was Saul Bellow? Who’s this Alinsky fellow again? Sounds like a kosher butcher from Queens.”

  • slc1

    Re James Hanley @ #10

    I actually heard Mr. Alinsky give a talk at my university when I was a graduate student. He had been invited to the city after the 1965 race riots to organize the citizenry. The interesting thing is that his most ardent followers are people like Karl Rove and Lee Atwater, although they are oblivious to that fact, because they follow his prescription for success, namely rub raw the sores of discontent. Atwater did it in 1988 with the Willie Horton ads and Rove did it in 2004 with the same sex marriage prohibition initiatives.