Beck: Government and Media Will Try to Destroy Me

Beck: Government and Media Will Try to Destroy Me February 19, 2013

For the umpteenth time, Glenn Beck has delivered another idiotic rant about how he’s just such a huge threat to the powers that be that they are going to try to destroy him. I find this greatly amusing. If you read wingnut sites, as I do, you’ll notice that virtually every ad that appears on them uses the “the government doesn’t want you to know this” line to get people interested. This is not a coincidence.


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  • One thing I wonder about is what happens when he dies a natural death. His fans are probably going to weave elaborate conspiracy theories, accuse Obama of being Kira, and so on, rather than accept that life has a 100% mortality rate.

  • Coals to Newcastle. Why bother when he is doing such a bang-up job on his own?

  • Well, the wingnutd DID blame Obama for Andrew Breitbart’s death.

    And I’m sure they will blame Ted Nugent’s death (or life imprisonment) that will occur within the next few months on the current president.

  • oranje

    Do any psychologists know how megalomania and paranoia go together?

  • Also, Beck claims that he sat down and judiciously studied and considered religions before deciding to go Mormon.

    I reflexively distrust anyone who consciously decided that out of all the religions in the world Mormonism is the most believable.

    “Hey, this Scientology is some whacked out bullshit, but a con man finding some golden tablets on his property, translating the language into English, Native Americans being a lost tribe of Israel and everyone — well at least the men — getting a planet after death, that seems legitimate.”

  • Hi. I’m Glenn Beck. Some of you may know my through my smash hits “I Would Be President If It Weren’t For The Government,” and my retrospective anthology, “The Best of Loony-Assed Wingnuts.”

    I’m here to speak to you of a disease that affects almost a quarter of the population. This disease causes millions of people to say stupid things all day long. It has them make unfounded assertions. It leads to bizarre claims of vast government conspiracies. It can even lead to anal seepage of the mouth.

    I’m talking about Dunning-Kruger.

    Do you overrate your importance in direct relation to your incompetence? Do you make absolute statements of reality with no real concern for facts, smug in your ignorance? Does your mouth shit all over yourself? Do you think the government really gives a flying fuck about your verbal diarrhea?

    If so, you may suffer from Dunning-Kruger. Like I do.

    If you do, don’t worry. Just go crazy with it. Who knows? You might get rich. Remember, if you feel yourself becoming irrelevant, just up the stupidity. It’s worked for both Sarah Palin and me.

    Also, look at me!

    Thank you. Good night.

    Oh, and the government doesn’t want you to know about this.

  • cjtotalbro

    I think it’s hilarious how ever since Beck started to try and remold himself as some sort of libertard intellectual he has adopted the spectacles and sweater vest uniform of the “liberal university elite professors” he thinks he is pushing back against.

  • dingojack

    Aww Come on Glenny give us specifics. There’s an internet count-down clock with your name on it!


  • anubisprime

    Just because you are a paranoid bigotry ridden, hate filled, intolerant sack of ignorant and fatuous irrelevant and toddler level knowledge…or brain farts you think are knowledge…does not mean they are not out to get you!

  • I don’t even think the government notices Glenn Beck…

  • thisisaturingtest

    @# 6, nigel the Bold-

    I’m not sure that technically Beck can be said to suffer from DK Syndrome; my sense is that he knows what he says is nonsense, and he’s exactly as smart as he needs to be to take advantage of the percentage of the population who will listen to stupid things all day long, and accept unfounded assertions as absolute fact, when those things feed what they want to believe. It may be more accurate to say that he himself doesn’t have DK, but knows how to profit from those who do.

  • Mr Ed

    Translation: Stop ignoring me

  • abb3w

    “They don’t want you to know this” politics seems a parallel to “mystery cult” religions, with each emphasizing secret knowledge. There might also be a possible tie into some of the work on the psychology of gossip that’s been done in the last decade or so.

  • You destroy him by not paying attention to him.

    The only way to win is to not play the game.

  • raven

    Fox News personality Glenn Beck: I could go blind within the next year

    www. …/fox-news-personality-glenn-beck-blind-ye…

    Jul 20, 2010 – Lucky for conservatives, Glenn Beck may be losing his eyesight and not his voice. … Fox News personality Glenn Beck: I could go blind within the next year …

    Glenn Beck said a few years ago that I was going blind soon, within a year.

    It’s been 2 1/2 years and it hasn’t happened yet.

    1. No one ever notices or cares that nothing these kooks says ever happens.

    2. Glenn Beck has made ca. $100 million babbling like a loon. What our society values and pays for is very odd some times.

  • The Other Lance

    That shirt makes my eyeballs hurt.

  • Well, maybe one of these days Glennie will tire of the gummint NOT getting him and eat the polonium in his fire alarm, then blame them for putting it in his food.

  • Kevin “You destroy him by not paying attention to him.”

    You know who else they thought they could destroy by ignoring him? That’s right, Lee Iacocca! No, that can’t be it. Coca? Killa? Stiller? Hiller? Steller? Heller? Keller? Helen Keller!

  • garnetstar

    Because it’s all about him, isn’t it? The world would stop turning without him.

  • thebookofdave

    At last, you are beginning to understand. The government and media are in league to stop the world. Only Glenn Beck can stand against them.

  • lanir

    Meh. Classic conservative fleecing. If I really had no morals and wanted money I suppose I’d find a good place to advertise to the same crowd, sell the cheapest fold-out knife I could find. Make a big deal about how it’s at least 10 or 12 inches long fully unfolded and sell a codpiece sheaf for it separately, making a big deal about how that’s supposed to protect you from strange, unwanted influences through “patent pending” magnetic and/or tin shielding (and possibly some references to Excalibur’s mythic scabbard). I’d make a mint.

  • sezme

    I see this sort of crap as an inoculation against future failure. Beck knows the gravy train comes to the end of the line sooner or later. When it does, he will have ample fall back to, “See, I told you. The evil government got to me. It wasn’t my fault.”