Mefferd’s Bizarre Conception of Christian Rights

Mefferd’s Bizarre Conception of Christian Rights February 20, 2013

Janet Mefferd is one of the most extreme and loony of the right wing radio hosts in the country, prompting a never ending stream of wingnuts to her show. On her show last week she claimed that Christians have a right never to be reminded that gay people exist.

Mefferd: Everything is so upside down in our society now and right and wrong have completely switched where what is really wrong is to say you shouldn’t have two boys allowed to go to the high school prom. Now we can get into a big issue of the public schools are morally bankrupt at this point and we all ought to exit and just let them, let them do their thing, and that may be the ultimate answer; on the other hand, I feel for these Christian kids who are in a prom or kids who are at this high school who say, ‘you know something, do we have to go down this road?’ Whether the homosexual activists like it or not, and I know this isn’t politically correct to say this, but not everybody wants to see that. I know that that’s offensive to the activist crowd, they want us all to see it, they want us all to approve of it, they want us all to call it blessed and okay and rejoice and have parties and throw confetti in the air over this whole thing. But the fact of the matter is it’s a moral issue. You will always have Christians who will disagree with this and why should the rights of the activists trump the rights of Christians?

Because you don’t have a right not to ever see gay people. And because your position requires oppressing people, where the other does not. It’s really not that complicated.

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