Bangladeshi Rioters Demand Fascism

Bangladeshi Rioters Demand Fascism February 27, 2013

Thousands of rioters took to the streets of the capitol of Bangladesh on Friday, demanding death for atheist bloggers who dare to write things that they find insulting toward Islam. The resulting clash with police resulted in a great deal of violence and mayhem.

Bangladesh police fired tear gas and rubber bullets Friday in fierce clashes with conservatists demanding the execution of bloggers they accused of blasphemy, killing one person and injuring around 100.

Parts of central Dhaka turned into a battlefield as protesters attacked police with bricks and sticks in front of the national mosque.

The country’s 12 religious parties called the protests after the Friday prayers in nearly half a million mosques nationwide, demanding the execution of bloggers they say were behind blasphemous writings against Islam and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)…

Tensions have risen in the Muslim-majority nation over the alleged anti-Islamic blog posts by Ahmed Rajib Haider, who was hacked to death last week near his home in the capital Dhaka.

Since Haider’s death, Bangladeshi social media has been flooded with his alleged blog posts and those by other bloggers mocking Islam, triggering protests by a number of Islamic groups and clerics.

It’s not very often that people riot to demand that the government be more authoritarian rather than less. But this is what happens when people believe that they have a right to hack someone to death for disagreeing with their religion. It’s utter barbarism.

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  • Wes

    It’s not very often that people riot to demand that the government be more authoritarian rather than less.

    Seems to happen once every few months in Islamic countries.

  • And the religious right in America seethes with jealousy.

  • Phillip IV

    Ah, I see. Bangladesh. One of the key parts of our ‘bulwark’ against radical Islam.

    Worst. Bulwark. Ever.

  • raven

    Bangladeshi Rioters Demand Fascism

    Bangladeshi Rioters Demand Return to the Dark Ages.

    Which won’t be hard, they haven’t really left them behind yet anyway.

    This is stunning but not surprising. This is what happens when people pay attention to the Islamic equivalents of Pat Robertson, Falwell, Hagee, Parsely, Huckabee, Satanorum. Bachmann, and the hordes of other religious fascists.

  • “Fascism” is the wrong term: they are demanding theocracy, not ultranationalist militarism.

  • raven

    Bangladesh was once considered hopeless. Overcrowded, poor, and storm surges would kill hundreds of thousands at one time.

    Really just a bunch of raggedy people waiting for the next high tide so they can drown.

    Then things picked up. They managed to learn how to deal with the cyclones, got some industry, spread some technology to the countryside.

    I don’t know if their pointless riots are just a blip or the start of a downhill slide like Pakistan. More and more nations are falling into the Failed category and most of them are Moslem.

    Bangladesh bridge project mired in corruption allegations | Asia …

    www -mired-in…/a-16259915

    Sep 26, 2012 – It is hoped that the planned Padma Bridge project in Bangladesh will … of 2011, the ground was prepared, and the work was to begin without delay. … now of the project getting underway during the current political term

    This is an example of Bangladeshi government competence. The UN et al. wants to build a badly need bridge across a major river for basically free. The Bangladeshi government hasn’t been able to get it together enough to even get out of the way.

  • Sastra

    Religion is often entwined with the idea of “honor.” Your honor is your essential nature and therefore you view insults as attacks which require retribution — in blood if need be. Look at the Abrahamic religions. Look at the eastern ones with their castes and karma.

    A religious culture which considers blasphemy an actual crime is going to be based on or concerned with honor — status, respect, hierarchies, stations, tradition, and submission to authority. I don’t think democracy will work in a honor-based culture: what does or does not cause harm is too arbitrary.

  • laurentweppe

    Wait a minute, If my memory serves me right, riots also broke out last december because the same parties demanded that one of their leader, jailed for commiting war crimes during Bangladhesh’s independance war.

    Ah, I see. Bangladesh. One of the key parts of our ‘bulwark’ against radical Islam.

    Worst. Bulwark. Ever.

    Bengladesh current prime minister is a secularist, socialist, WOMAN. while the biggest islamist party won less than 5% of the votes during the last general election. I’d say that this makes Bangladesh a much better bullwark against fundamentalism that many US States.

  • Archibald Cunningham

    I have little knowledge of Bangladesh’s PM (other than her name and various assassination attempts) nor the amount of islamic influence on the govt. If Sheikh Hasina is a secularist, socialist that’s awesome, though not widely reported in the MSM. However, images of enraged islamists are common. I realize one must be cognizant of the source, but it does seem that as a bulwark against fundamentalism Bangladesh may not be more enlightened then many of our benighted states. The vast majority of muslims are not any kind of bulwark, as in their countries the rights of atheists and non muslims are circumscribed, religious identification is enforced from birth, and religious tenets are part of official government law/policy. and on and on.

  • lancifer

    Hmmm, the article was published by Agence France-Presse and they used the pathetic and obsequious “PBUH” (peace be upon him) after the word Muhammed.

    I guess they’re afraid of offending these religious idiots.

    Well fuck them very much.

  • Could have been worse. We’ve seen enough cases where the police was all too willing to provide fascism when it was demanded from them.