NOM Spokesperson Misses the Obvious

NOM Spokesperson Misses the Obvious March 2, 2013

Jennifer Roback Morse of the National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute has quickly established herself as one of the most illogical and ridiculous of the anti-gay crowd. Look at what she had to say to a group of Catholic women a few weeks ago and see how badly she misses the obvious explanation:

MORSE: I’ve noticed in my encounters with men who are same-sex attracted particularly that they have a sense of shame. Have any of you ever noticed this? … I’ve noticed that a lot of the people who are very active in the movement to redefine marriage will describe that when they were teenagers that they had a sense of wrongness — of being wrong — and of God thinking they were an abomination, like they all knew that verse. […]

So they have this sense of wrongness and I think that many of them believe that redefining marriage is going to make them feel better. I think they think that if all of us will approve of them that they will feel better… Making yourself feel good about doing something that is deeply wrong for you is not in the end going to work.

Isn’t it funny how these people adamantly deny the notion that sexual orientation is innate and unchangeable, but they’re absolutely certain that we are born with a particular set of beliefs about the world. Gay teenagers don’t innately believe that being gay is wrong, they’ve just been bombarded with the message from bigots like Morse that it’s wrong, that God hates what they are and will burn them in hell for eternity if they don’t change.

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