Beck: Obama Trying to Start a Civil War

Beck: Obama Trying to Start a Civil War March 3, 2013

Glenn Beck continues to drive the right wing crazy train. Now he says that President Obama is deliberately trying to start a new civil war. And he says that any state that secedes, Obama will release all the inmates in federal prisons as retaliation. Yep, he actually said that.


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  • Wouldn’t he have to release the federal prisoners in a hypothetical secession? We can’t have federal prisons outside the US unless they are CIA-run.

  • Artor

    Yeah, Glenn, that makes perfect sense. A state throws off federal authority, so somehow that federal authority releases all the prisoners in the state…how? Does Obama have a button on his desk that opens the doors of federal prisons remotely? Too bad he doesn’t have a button that would make ignorant blowhard nutjobs shut the fuck up.

  • You won’t be laughing when your state is overwhelmed with Obama’s orange-jumpsuited thugs!

  • Randomfactor

    So don’t fall for it, Beck! Put your guns down peacefully and preserve the union or Obama wins!

  • Trebuchet

    I can’t help wishing for transcripts to accompany these videos. My brain somehow can’t handle clicking on them.

  • shouldbeworking

    Wouldn’t the state have to release the prisoners? After all, the state would be the one refusing to recognize the Feds power and authority within the borders of the state. I can’t see a seceded state willingly pay for a federal prison.

  • redmann

    I think old Glenn’s ready for a cell; a padded cell.

  • mikeyb

    Like Jim Jones, Beck needs to keep spiking the cool aid for the crazies to keep paying the subscription fees.

  • Which party produces the nuts who repeatedly call for secession and civil war over every little thing, again?

  • busterggi

    Yep, Obama is planning on starting a civil war, its not all the redneck gun-nuts with Confederate flags all over their pick-up trucks that want a civil war.

  • marcus

    @6 Duh! All federal prisoners will have to be executed. They can’t be allowed to either remain or to be repatriated to retake arms against the Teabag Nation!

  • anubisprime

    One can only assume Beck is spouting absolute pigswill because he thinks, or at least hopes, that folks will believe him and his fairy tale!…

    But if that is true and folk do believe it then you guys are in deeper shit then you thought you were!

    It seems that the tactic is to actually instigate a civil war then blame the government.

    These little piggies want to go and play cowboys and heroes.

    It might be evolution working her wicked way, a few dead ends might have delayed things for a while but never really threatened the march to a fitter species.

    Presumably the armament of a state would squash a rebellion without a lot of angst.

    In itself victory for the patriotic dumb asses would appear a rather tall order, I suppose it depends on the armed forces, their allegiance is crucial.

    But assuming there are not to many jeebus sunbeams in command well…oh wait!

  • raven

    Beck is just selling fear and hate.

    And for a huge profit. I’d be careful about calling him crazy as opposed to greedy and vicious.

    In the last few years, he has netted an estimated $100 million.

  • Nick Gotts (formerly KG)

    Will historians of the future, assuming there are any, be able to believe, let alone account for, the bizarro lies and fantasies that have become utterly routine from the American right? I only learn about them here and in similar places, so I imagine the vast majority of non-Americans simply have no idea how far the rot of irrationality has penetrated the American body politic.

  • Eric Ressner

    Far be it for me to suggest you no longer cover Beck’s rantings. But I just realized I don’t read your postings on him anymore. He so long ago jumped a whole school of sharks (do sharks even school?) that it’s just no longer interesting. His faux outrage is so over the top, it’s like a circle of hell where you have to engage with a child’s tantrum 24/7/365¼.

  • marcus

    When Obama leaves office as the 43 other people have before him he will have a similar legacy as every one of them. His record will be better than some, not as good as others (and I hope with some real progress in human and civil rights).

    The really sad part is that Beck and his ilk will see it as “crisis averted”(!) and that through the agency of their wise counsel that Obama’s socialist-muslim-atheist-African agenda was thwarted and they were instrumental in “saving America”(!). The same people that believe them now will believe them then.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Glenn beck thinks that when the revolution comes, he will be up at the top, giving orders.

    He’ll get a big surprise when the guys with the guns tell him to sit down, shut up, and do what he is told.

  • lanir

    Civil war is a random, safe boogey man for right wing nutjobs. The logistics of pulling it off, nevermind the massive public support and military hardware you’d need to actually hold territory, make this nothing more than a ridiculous fantasy.

    The real goal is the usual one: to soften your mind so you’re willing to stand with them on any issue no matter what. The trap works like this.

    – Nutjob spouts off a lot of lies you’re comfortable with and slips in some ridiculously over the top claim.

    – Initially it gets rejected by the audience, but repetition and attempts at justifying it using trumped up logic eventually make you/your friends/loved ones/coworkers/random people you meet on the street who you wish were smarter, start to wonder “Wel, I don’t know if that’s true, but it does have a certain kind of logic to it…” *SNAP* You’re caught in the trap.

    – Through repetition this lie can even become a comfortable lie for some people. The challenge for the nutjob is to keep their message from alienating people who aren’t sure about the new lie as well as those who are comfortable with it and want to hear more.

    – At voting time, victims are not so much inclined to vote for people they secretly think may be doing something horribly wrong. They’ve probably been funneled toward some right wing nutjob candidate as the “solution” to the “threat” they’ve heard about.

    I’m not a sociologist and I absolutely may be off track here. But this is how it appears to work to me.

  • leftwingfox

    Isn’t this Turner Diaries shit?

  • “He’ll get a big surprise when the guys with the guns execute him.”

    There, ftfy.

  • F [nucular nyandrothol]

    Beck: Obama Trying to Start a Civil War

  • Michael Heath

    marcus writes:

    When Obama leaves office as the 43 other people have before him . . .


    . . . Beck and his ilk will see it as “crisis averted”(!) and that through the agency of their wise counsel that Obama’s socialist-muslim-atheist-African agenda was thwarted and they were instrumental in “saving America”(!).

    In all fairness to Beck, W. Bush, Gramm, Scalia et al, since they’ve driven conservatism into thoroughly incompetent territory, they need to lower the standards of what is a laudable accomplishment; analogous to coaches giving their team trophies when they finish last.

  • dan4

    How exactly would Obama (or any POTUS) possess the authority/jurisdiction to release people from a prison no longer belonging to the United States? The title is President of the United States, not President of the World.

  • I’m with Trebuchet, there’s no way I’m clicking on that video.

  • I suppose ‘Civil War’ resonates with an audience that is still unable to digest the reality that they have a natural-born American black president who was elected twice, winning both the popular vote and the Electoral College, despite the delusional forecasts of their lunatic punditocracy.

  • Ichthyic

    He so long ago jumped a whole school of sharks (do sharks even school?)

    In the interest of information that hasn’t jumped the shark…

    yes, some species of sharks exhibit schooling behavior. Hammerheads are famous for it in the Gulf of CA for example, and blue sharks can be found in loose schools. Others too.

  • Ichthyic

    ….loose schools of sharks are also commonly called “shoals”… and what’s really fun?


    yes, a shiver of sharks.

  • Ichthyic

    Will historians of the future

    I thought historians worked on the past?


  • Apparently Beck wants the Federal government to continue to run prisons in states that have seceded.

    He seems to not understand what “secession” means.

  • @13

    Greedy doesn’t preclude crazy. Nor does rich.

  • Onamission5

    It occurs to me that all these Fox obsessions over looming US civil war are dog whistles for those who wish the South had won the last one.

  • Ichthyic @28.

    I saw what you did.

  • Ichthyic


    conspiracy theory time…

    There is a lot of evidence to suggest that many of these talking heads (Beck, Limbaugh, Robertson), are actually paid to specifically spout the rhetoric they do, and the “why” seems to be related to the idea of the Overton Window.

    Moreover, it does seem to be the case that the general rhetoric coming from these talking heads of late appears to be on a whole new level of bugfuck nuttery.

    so, if both things are correct, that these guys are used to push the overton window to the right, and they’ve gotten an order of magnitude more extreme since the last election….

    what is to be the new “moderate” position we’re all supposed to think is reasonable in comparison? THAT’S the thing that scares the shit out of me.

  • anubisprime

    From an outsider of the society that in the American populace, I can only comment that the rhetoric from the political right wing is being cranked up audibly.

    Certainly since a blackman became president.

    The claims are more extreme and more paranoid with every week that passes.

    I would say, based on perception, which I hope is somewhat distorted, that there is a a last ditch effort perpetrated by the ‘great and the good’ and the most extreme of the rethuglian hordes to influence and coerce the members to challenge government belligerently and if possible exacerbate the likelihood of armed conflict with the organs of that government.

    They are waving the red rag of civil war, continually and the propaganda machine is laying the path to that open conflict.

    They are trying to goad the government into a retaliatory strike, from which they can rise and fight fer’ merica’

    And it seems to be resonating in the legions, now it is getting ridiculous, when claims are so fucking paranoid and ridiculous that they are beyond barking that neither the claim or the speaker are not nationally challenged in the media or indeed proved to be accurate, they tend to see that as a tacit nod and wink to continue the insane dribble they espouse.

    From an outsider view it would seem that the USA is sleepwalking into a situation where the Mason / Dixon line is reinstated as a bona fide geographical border with armed guards.

    We just got rid of one iron curtain, seems we are gearing up to witness another one!

    If this rhetoric becomes a feature, it is only a matter of time before there is death and some destruction, a few hot headed ‘gud’ ole’ bhoys’ a rebel yell…and you have what you have.

    Now that is scary!

  • matty1

    The title is President of the United States, not President of the World.

    In fairness at least some US foreign policy has suggested that distinction is often treated as a typo.

  • Artor

    Ichythic, The conspiracy is real. Beck even wrote a book titled “The Overton Window.” As for the New Moderate position, remember that Obama is a filthy, radical liberal, so the “moderate” position is somewhat to the right of him. Basically what we would consider a conservative wingnut back in Reagan days.

  • Artor:

    Your using a very generous definition of the word “wrote”. It’s no secret that Beck took a book written by someone else and just slapped his name on it.

  • Ichthyic

    Basically what we would consider a conservative wingnut back in Reagan days.

    Ok, but be specific.

    the devil is in the details, literally.

    what IS it that we are being asked to accept?

    a two class society?

    a defacto dictatorship?


    where is the legislation that even now is being hidden by a ticker-tape parade of teaparty hotbutton issue bills that is the real fuck-you-in-the-ass stuff?

    it’s not enough to point out that the neocons have won… what is it exactly, that they want?

  • Ichthyic

    er, pardons for the euphemistic language.

  • “that is the real fuck-you-in-the-ass stuff?”

    Sugarcoating “We will have our democratic birthright stolen” with a pretty bit of wordsmithing will not distract us!