Kincaid Demands Investigation of Gay Commie Terrorists

Kincaid Demands Investigation of Gay Commie Terrorists March 11, 2013

The thoroughly unhinged Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media is thrilled that the Conservative Political Action Conference has forbidden gay conservative group GOProud from their event again this year. And he wants them to go much further than that. He wants them to help reveal the gay communist terrorism that he imagines exists:

The term “gay conservative” is being used by some news outlets in connection with the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and whether certain homosexual groups should be invited to appear. There is no such thing as a “gay conservative,” unless the term “conservative” has lost all meaning. But there is a homosexual movement that has its roots in Marxism and is characterized by anti-Americanism and hatred of Christian values.

Two of this movement’s members, Bradley Manning and Floyd Corkins, have recently been in the news. Manning betrayed his country in the WikiLeaks scandal, while Corkins has pleaded guilty to trying to kill conservative officials of the Christian Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. Rather than debate whether “gay conservatives” exist or ought to have prominent speaking roles, CPAC should be sponsoring a panel on the dangers of the homosexual movement and why some of its members seem prone to violence, terror, and treason.

Bradley Manning is a whistleblowing civil liberties hero, as far as I’m concerned. And Corkins is a single example of someone who has committed violence. Far more violence, by many orders of magnitude, has been visited by Christians on gay people than the reverse; no sane person could possibly deny that. Imagine what Kincaid would say about a demand to find out why some Christians seem prone to violence and terror, like all the clinic bombings that have gone on. He takes one single example and blows it up into a need for an investigation of all gay people, but he would scream in outrage if you suggested a similar investigation of the infinitely more common Christian violence in this country.

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