FL. Lt. Gov. Resigns

FL. Lt. Gov. Resigns March 17, 2013

Jennifer Carroll, the lt. governor of Florida, has stepped down from that position due to an ongoing investigation into a non-profit organization that she worked for and did commercials for. This is the same woman, you might recall, who was accused of being a lesbian and said that women who look like she does aren’t lesbians.

A public relations firm Carroll owned did work for Allied Veterans, a group that operated Internet gambling cafes in Florida. Carroll, a naval veteran, also appeared in commercials for the group. Federal agents arrested officials from the nonprofit on Tuesday. Law enforcement officials said the group has dedicated a mere 2 percent of its $290 million in revenue to charity during the past five years.

“Lt. Gov. Carroll resigned in an effort to keep her former affiliation with the company from distracting from the administration’s important work on behalf of Florida Families,” Scott’s chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, told the Florida Times-Union, which first reported the news.

And this isn’t exactly the first scandal involving her:

As Florida’s governor, Jeb Bush named her the state’s Veterans’ Affairs Secretary. President George W. Bush appointed her to the National Commission on Presidential Scholars, but she stepped down after a CBS investigation discovered her master’s degree was from a diploma mill. Before Scott picked her as his running mate, Carroll was serving as a state representative.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this life, it’s that wingnuts love fake degrees.

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