Farah: No One is Comparing Obama to Hitler. Except Him.

Farah: No One is Comparing Obama to Hitler. Except Him. March 19, 2013

Worldnutdaily grand poobah Joseph Farah had a column on Friday entitled It Could Never Happen Here…, which of course argued that Obama is leading us to a Hitler-like dictatorship where they seize the guns and then start killing people (Christians, no doubt). But don’t get the idea that he’s comparing Obama to Hitler.

Ignore all the historical evidence that genocides and government-initiated mass murders are preceded 100 percent of the time by states disarming citizens.

That’s the message the American gun-grabbing cabal is sending daily now.

It could never happen here …

And one thing that is especially off-limits is to remind Americans that Adolf Hitler disarmed Germany’s citizens upon seizing power – making certain he and his SS henchman had absolute and total power to launch the deadliest war in history and carry out the Holocaust.

Making any reference to this fact is equated with comparing Hitler to Barack Obama.

Not so…

No one is comparing Obama with Hitler.

Except him, of course. And half the columnists on his site on a daily basis. It’s kind of like when someone starts a sentence with “I don’t mean to be rude” — you know damn well what follows is going to be rude.

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