Fun With the CPAC Exhibitors

Fun With the CPAC Exhibitors March 19, 2013

CPAC is the biggest gathering of conservatives in the country every year and, unsurprisingly, it attracts all the usual suspects making bizarre claims — not only from the stages in the various sessions but in the exhibition hall too. ThinkProgress reviews some of the ideas being pushed by those who have tables at the event.

1. Marxists Control The Catholic Church. Fringe fundamentalist Cliff Kincaid’s organization America’s Survival is handing out a brochure warning Roman Catholics that the church “has been compromised philosophically — not only by infiltrators from the homosexual movement and Marxists. but by adherents of the so-called ‘New Age’ philosophy.” So vast is the communist infiltration within the Catholic Church, one “Catholic insider” told the organization that the bishops “made a deal with the devil to get Obamacare passed.”

2. The UN Will Take One-Quarter Of America’s Land. The American Jobs Alliance, a conservative business advocacy group, is handing out hundreds of fliers warning attendees of the dangers posed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an undeniably controversial free trade agreement that the United States is currently negotiating with a handful of South Pacific nations. Instead of reasoned criticism however, AJA sounds the alarm over Sharia Law, and claims that the Partnership “cedes 1/4 of U.S. to Foreign Control. A quarter of the entire U.S. land area will fall under UN court jurisdiction.”

The UN is always a popular boogeyman for the right, which ignores the fact that we have veto power over anything the UN does. On Planet Wingnuttia, the UN (and the League of Nations before that) is perpetually on the verge of taking over America. The fact that it never actually happens, and can’t happen, matters not at all to them.

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