NC Tries to Suppress the Student Vote

NC Tries to Suppress the Student Vote April 8, 2013

The latest example of Republican voter suppression may be the worst bill yet. The North Carolina Senate now has a bill that would make it far more difficult for college students to vote in a number of ways, while also reducing early voting days and hours.

A bill filed in the state Senate Tuesday would carry a tax penalty for parents whose children register to vote at their college address.

Senate Bill 667, known as “Equalize Voter Rights,” would remove the tax exemption for dependents who register to vote at any address other than their parents’ home.

“If the voter is a dependent of the voter’s parent or legal guardian, is 18 years of age or older and the voter has registered at an address other than that of the parent or legal guardian, the parent or legal guardian will not be allowed to claim the voter as a dependent for state income tax purposes,” the bill says…

The bill would also require voters to have their vehicles registered at the same address as their voter registration. That also could cut down on college student registration, since many students maintain their vehicle registration in their home counties.

Sponsor Bill Cook, R-Beaufort, didn’t immediately respond to inquiries about the intent of the legislation.

Gosh, how shocking. I mean, what is the guy gonna say? What possible justification could there be for this other than just bluntly wanting to suppress the votes of college students? And this is almost touching in its naivete:

“I refuse to believe the Republican leadership has become so desperate to limit voting for partisan gain that they would be willing to support tax increases to achieve that goal,” said Hall, D-Durham. “It is the definition of arrogance to penalize parents with new taxes just because their children want to exercise their right to vote in the community they live in.”

You refuse to believe that? You must not have been paying attention lately. The Republicans have been absolutely shameless in their voter suppression tactics. They are terrified of young and minority voters and they will do everything they can to make sure that as few of them can vote as possible.

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