Louisiana Legislator Wants Lord’s Prayer Recited in Schools

Louisiana Legislator Wants Lord’s Prayer Recited in Schools April 9, 2013

Louisiana State. Rep. Katrina Jackson — a Democrat, for crying out loud — has proposed legislation to have students recite the Lord’s Prayer every morning in that state’s public schools. It’s “voluntary,” for anyone who wants to make themselves a pariah and a target for abuse. HB 660:

A. The State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, or “state board”, shall establish a policy and develop procedures to allow public school students to participate in the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer and the “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag” at the commencement of each school day. Such policy and procedures shall include but not be limited to provisions for the following:

(1) Student participation in the recitation of the prayer and pledge shall be voluntary.

(2) Students shall be reminded that the Lord’s Prayer is the prayer that the pilgrim fathers recited when they came to America in search for freedom.

(3) Students shall be informed that these exercises are not meant to influence an individual’s personal religious beliefs in any manner.

(4) The recitations shall be conducted so that students learn of America’s great freedoms, including the freedom of religion symbolized by the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.

B. The state board shall develop a program of instruction for public schools with regard to the pilgrim fathers.

Freedom is “symbolized by the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer”? In what universe, exactly? The Pilgrims did not come here in search of religious freedom, they came here to be free from the religious impositions they faced in England and to create their own society where they could impose their religion on others. There was no freedom of religion in the Plymouth or Massachusetts colonies that they founded. The Pilgrims did not found this country, they founded colonies that were theocratic in nature.

The bad news is that the courts have and will continue, for the foreseeable future, to uphold the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance (which should be eliminated entirely, not just have “under God” be taken out). The good news is that they would strike down the Lord’s Prayer portion of this very quickly.

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