A Shiny New ACORN Conspiracy

A Shiny New ACORN Conspiracy April 10, 2013

As the Department of Health and Human Services prepares to implement the Affordable Care Act, they are hiring people to help uninsured Americans find health insurance in the state exchanges that law sets up. Would you believe this has something to do with ACORN and voter fraud? Let’s peek into the dark, festering mind of the wingnut to find out just how, starting with Breitbart.com, which declares “HHS RESURRECTS ‘ACORN’ THROUGH OBAMACARE!”

ObamaCare provides millions of dollars in grants to hire community activists and others as “navigators” to assist individuals enroll in health insurance provided by state or federal exchanges and, according to recent reports, register people to vote. In a new rule proposed Wednesday, HHS lays out numerous guidelines for these “navigators”, including paying them up to $48/hour for their work. The rule, guidelines and voter registration effort are a potential vehicle to resurrect ACORN or an ACORN-like entity.

One organization expected to take a lead role in distributing the funds and overseeing hiring is Enroll America, a new non-profit headed by Anne Filipic, a former Obama White House official under Valerie Jarrett. Filipic was also a senior staff member at OFA director and a former Obama campaign director. The organization was founded, in part, by Families USA, a far-left advocacy organization that lobbied aggressively for ObamaCare, a source at HHS told Breitbart News. Filipic has said she expects Enroll America to spend $100 million on the enrollment effort. A large percentage of this is likely to come from federal funds.

Ron Pollack, head of Families USA, has said their effort will be run like a “political campaign.” Which has made many observers uneasy about the inclusion of voter registrations in the health care applications. LA Rep. Charles Boustany recently sent a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, asking why voter registration information was included.

One of the things that has to be done in implementing the ACA is that some 30 million people have to be guided through the process of getting the right policy through the health insurance exchanges. That is going to require hiring people to do that. Perhaps Boustany should look up the National Voter Registration Act, aka the Motor Voter Law. That law requires that people who apply for government programs be given the opportunity to register to vote during that process. Only in the wingnut mind could this be turned into a dark (pun intended) conspiracy.

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