Dean Chambers is Hilarious

Dean Chambers is Hilarious April 10, 2013

Dean Chambers, the git who humiliated himself with those “unskewed polls,” clearly has a big future as a wingnut pundit. Like all the other great ones, he is capable of writing the most astonishingly stupid things while remaining utterly oblivious to how ridiculous he is. Like did you know that “same-sex marriage is actually marriage inequality”? I didn’t either. But he does:

The real issue of same-sex marriage, or “gay marriage” as some call it, is allowing just three percent of the population to redefine marriage from something entirely different than what the word has meant for thousands of years.

Yeah, just like the Civil Rights Act was allowing just 13% of the population to redefine who could and couldn’t eat at a lunch counter for thousands of years. Wait, the percentage of people who benefit from equality has nothing to do with whether equality is a good thing? Gosh, I would never have guessed.

They aren’t seeking equal rights for those involved in these other kinds of relationships, they are seeking special rights for those involved in their relationships that those in “same-sex marriages” as they call them would not enjoy. Just this past week, actor Jeremy Irons pointed out how a father and son could exploit gay marriage “rights” by getting married and the father passes real estate to the son without paying inheritance taxes on it. This is just one of many not yet thought of unintended consequences that will come from the far left’s “marriage equality” agenda.

Uh, Dean…I don’t know how to break this to you, but daughters can inherit money too. So what is preventing a father from marrying his daughter in order to get out of paying inheritance taxes? Oh, right — you can’t marry your children. Just think of this as an unintended consequence of you being a fucking moron.

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