Scarborough: ACA Intentionally Creating Tyranny

Scarborough: ACA Intentionally Creating Tyranny April 15, 2013

Rick Scarborough, a long time religious fraud who has now extended his reach into politics even more than he had before by forming Tea Party Unity, has a new article out that claims that the Affordable Care Act is deliberately intended to create chaos and tyranny:

But it’s even more serious than that. In an April 7 article on, “Look Out Below, the Obamacare Chaos Is Coming,” Peter Ferrara warns that despite Barack Obama’s promise that “if you like your health insurance, you can keep it,” the system is engineered for destruction – on purpose.

Despite rhetoric to the contrary, I believe the goal of Obamacare has always been to drive everyone into a single-payer, government system. Once that goal is achieved – and it is about to be achieved – Big Brother Government will control every citizen who wills to live and find medical care. Only the lion-hearted will escape the tyranny to come, at the peril of their own lives … IF WE DON’T WAKE UP NOW!

Yeah, just like this has led to tyranny in England. And Canada. And France. And Australia. And every other nation with universal health care. Oh, it hasn’t? How about that.

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