Today in Christian Privilege

Today in Christian Privilege April 15, 2013

Here’s another perfect example of Christian privilege. A state legislator in North Carolina had an email exchange with a constituent about prayer before legislative meetings and claimed that it was important to protect the “religious freedom” of Christians to pray then, but to let a Muslim pray would be supporting terrorism.

In an email exchange with a constituent, Republican state Rep. Michele Presnell of Burnsville was asked whether she was comfortable with a prayer to Allah before a legislative meeting. Presnell responded: “No, I do not condone terrorism.”…

“The famed ACLU is telling Rowan County they may not pray before commissioners meetings,” Presnell wrote to Britt Kaufmann, a constituent. “We pray in Raleigh before our legislative meetings, U.S. Congress prays in Washington DC, why can they not pray?”

Kaufmann replied: “Yes, I do understand that the ACLU is suing Rowan County and I think they have clearly articulated why they are not comfortable with prayer before the commissioners meetings. I wanted you, as my representative, to know that I do not think the proposed bill is a good solution to that problem. … Would you be comfortable with a public prayer to Allah before a legislative meeting in Raleigh?”

Presnell equated Islam to terrorism and added, “We just need to start taking a stand on our religious freedom or it will be whisked away from us.”

See, if you don’t let Christians force everyone to listen to or participate in their prayers, you’re violating their religious freedom. Replace Christians with Muslims and you’re clearly a terrorist.

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