Conspiracy Nut Arrested For Stalking Aurora Victim Families

Conspiracy Nut Arrested For Stalking Aurora Victim Families April 16, 2013

A conspiracy nut named Kevin Purfield has been arrested, apparently for harassing the families of the victims of the Aurora shootings to tell them that their loved ones didn’t really die, that it was all part of a grand conspiracy. You can see the booking information here.

If you take a look at his Youtube channel…wow. This guy really must have some serious mental problems. It’s kind of sad, really. He’s also been harassing the families of the Newtown shootings, calling them up to tell them that there was no shooting.


And everything is a lie, of course. 9/11 was a hoax, we have a military base on the moon. You name it. This guy really does need psychological help.

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  • He’s still not as much of a menace as Andrew Wakefield, or Jenny McCarthy, or Senator Inhofe or Anthony Watts. As far as I know, no one will come out and defend this guy while there are alarmingly large sections of society where the others I have named are considered respectable.

  • Well, I can see why he WANTS to believe all the bad news that has warped our country so badly isn’t really real. And a US Moon base would be pretty cool if it were real. But yeah, this guy needs major help. Hopefully he won’t end up having Dennis Markuze as his cellmate.

  • He is like a less good-looking version of Mel Gibson’s character in Conspiracy Theory.

  • Artor

    Aww, come on guys, cut Purfield some slack. I’m sure he knows better than the people who had to identify & bury the bullet-riddled bodies of their loved ones. He’s just trying to give them some hope that their kids are still alive, right?

  • Rev. BigDumbChimp


    Your point? That we shouldn’t concern ourselves with people like this guy because…. Andrew Wakefield?

  • And, of course, being arrested will just confirm to him that there is a conspiracy.

    They better get him some help or watch him very closely or both.

  • didgen

    Why, why, why are so many of these people right here where I live. I tell myself that they are everywhere, but that isn’t really a comforting thought either.

  • Drew

    is it my color settings or does that guy look like he’s got some serious liver issues (jaundice).

  • tfkreference

    At least he’s not denying the moon landing.

  • He’s pathetic & pitiable–but what he’s doing to the victims’ families is appalling & inexcusable–so, unless he’s a psychotic and can’t help himself, there’s no good reason he shouldn’t be prosecuted for harassment.

  • Rev. BigDumbChimp:

    Nope. More like idly wishing Wakefield was treated with a similar level of disrespect by his current fandom. Or held accountable for the resurgence in infectious diseases his work has engendered. Neither of these is likely to happen anytime soon, sadly.

  • @ Drew (#8)

    Man, I cannot believe you buy into that nonsense! The liver is not real. It is just a myth used by big pharma to get you to buy their poisons! Just drink some homeopathic water and you will be fine. That yellow tint to his skin is from drinking fluoridated water!

    (Oops, I failed to type with CAPS LOCK on, or to randomly capitalized words.)

  • It’s surprising this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often. With all the cranks who style themselves as “citizen journalists,” and want to assemble “citizen’s grand juries” and so forth you’d think more folks would find themselves harassed by kooks trying to convince them of “the truth,” or trying to get them to admit they’re part of some conspiracy.

  • He’s still not as much of a menace as Andrew Wakefield, or Jenny McCarthy, or Senator Inhofe or Anthony Watts.

    True. But this is a time when our “mainstream” “news” outlets are cluttered with all sorts of extremely stupid paranoid conspiracy theories — bandied about by people with actual power, not just isolated nutjobs — with the intent of finding scapegoats for bad things like school shootings and things they think are bad like a black guy in the White House. This guy may not be much of a threat on his own, but he’s part of a larger problem of insanity in our “mainstream.”

  • “…we have a military base on the moon…”

    We don’t. Not until President Gingrich’s second term.


    tfkreference “At least he’s not denying the moon landing.”

    “We didn’t land on the Moon. The Moon landed on us!” ~ Malcolm X

  • Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :)

    Let me guess: I suppose arresting him for this is “a violation of his freedom of speech?”

  • MikeMa

    I’m guessing this loon has or can get a firearm in the US. Easily. Keep moving, nothing to see here.

  • mudpuddles

    I watched a video clip on Media Matters a short while ago, where Alex Jones is claiming that the Boston incident is probably a government set-up, because its been proved that Sandy Hook and Aurora were also staged by the government (apparently…. though I have to say I missed that breaking news story, and so did everyone else not living on planet Fruit Loop).

    And I used to wonder “who believes any of these nuts? surely no one really heeds their crap?” …and then I see this guy and feel very sad because clearly some people think like that, and I feel heartbroken all over again for the victims and their loved ones who have to face the insult on top of trauma from someone who clearly needs psychological help. And then I think of the added insult, that some god-awful, disgusting, demented fuckwits like Jones and Beck feel that they exist to create and promote this brand of horseshit and care not for even one instant that they add to the pain and distress of other people’s shattered lives.

    I’d like to see a cross party, non-partisan movement in support of victims of this senseless mass-murder violence, whereby those disgusting wankers are told loudly and clearly: “Hey, freakshows! You’ve got a message from America: Go fuck yourselves.”

  • unbound

    @12 – “homeopathic water” <- isn't that redundant?


  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne


    Not to worry. He’s a healthy pink in his booking photo.

  • No One

    His rocking from foot to foot is annoying.

  • Hatchetfish

    Drew & theschwa: theschwa may be more right than any of us realized… I was just now googling to see if I could figure out why his name sounded familar (I’m in Portland) and came across this from his (one of his…) blog(s) last summer.

  • Hatchetfish

    Rats, pasted wrong link. correct link

  • PocketWocket

    I was kind of giving him the benefit of the doubt (okay, this guy has no respect for the privacy of the families whose children were killed, but I at least understand where a conspiracy theory-prone person might get really concerned that there were empty coffins at funerals) until the moon base part (which came with increased fidgeting and breathlessness). What a piece of work.

  • martinc

    @12, @19:

    I’m planning to market a new product line: dehydrated homeopathic remedies. Guaranteed just as effective as the wet stuff, and extraordinarily easy to store away, even in quite large quantities.

  • =8)-DX

    Wow, perhaps this will lead to other conspiracy theorists being perceived as likely suffering from paranoid delusions and their behaviour as obsessive and harmful.

  • =8)-DX


    You do know homeopathic solutions already are sold dehydrated? They sell sugar pellets with the water added to alcohol before being sprayed onto it. The water is only on the surface and presumably allowed to dry off. Either way it’s not liquid. Or they sell tablets of lactose with a drop of the solution placed on it. The water will then dry out anyway, and since there’s nothing in it, no actual ingredient gets in the tablet.

    Maybe I’m wrong here and they sell soggy pills, but some of the ones I’ve seen looked well dried out and no one seemed to mind.

    (I get that the term “dehydrated homeopathic remedies” actually means selling nothing, because its just water, but homeopaths aren’t actually taking “wet stuff” anyway).


  • I can feel sorry for sick people whose illness is something over which they have no control. KKKrazee people who WANT to be KKKrazzee and refuse help/meds need to be dealt with by legal means but they need to be dealt with.

    This idiot is causing genuine harm to a lot of folks and needs to be constrained from doing so.

  • Thorne

    I have to wonder just how much of this is being fueled by the 24 hour media frenzy that is modern “news” reporting. I watched a lot of the Boston coverage and it was shocking just how much speculation was reported by the media, most of it unfounded. “Reports of two unexploded bombs!” “Several bombs safely detonated by bomb squad!”

    I saw the talking heads inflate a simple fire at the JFK Library into a “possible third bomb”, a claim that they made over and over for more than an hour, even after it was obvious that the incident was simply an unrelated electrical fire. There were also several “eye witnesses” interviewed who turned out to have nothing more interesting to say than, “I heard a loud bang and ran the other way.” People like this nut see and hear these things, then when those reports disappear (because they’re false) they assume a cover-up!

    We saw similar kinds of things during the 9/11 reporting, news people yammering away about anything and everything, just to keep their voices going out over the airwaves. It’s perfect tinder for these kinds of whacko’s.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Is he a nut case, or a sadist who enjoys pushing his victims to the limit?

    He probably swallows all those conspiracy theories, not because he thinks they are necessarily true, but because they give him the opportunity to inflict more pain and suffering on his ever growing list of victims.

  • martinc

    =8)-DX @27:

    lol, I should have realized that there was no homeopathic absurdity I could hope to joke about that some of their customers hadn’t already fallen for. I assumed they sold it in little bottles, but I freely admit to knowing little about the subject.

    All these new-fangled ways … next you’ll be telling me snake oil is now sold in spreadable form like butter.